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Manage your calendar, notes, and tasks in one place
$0 forever
Up to 10 users
Unlimited docs
Unlimited tasks
Basic integrations
Hugo basic integrations include Google Chrome, Google Meet, Google Suite, Microsoft Teams, Office 365, Slack, Todoist, Trello and Zoom.
Access to 100+ templates
Unlimited private templates


Get advanced features and additional support
Everything in Pro
Form fields
Add form fields to your docs to collect structured data that you can analyze and connect to other tools.
Calendar insights
Receive regular analysis of your team's meeting activity, with actionable insights to improve meeting efficiency
Doc lock & activity logs (soon)
Maintain a feed of team meetings, notes and tasks for easy oversight and knowledge sharing
Roles, permissions & admin tools
Admin-level controls of apps, notifications and sharing settings and appropriate access levels for members of the team
Customer success manager
Implementation and user training
Additional compliance and security

Hugo saves me 30 minutes to an hour everyday – which is invaluable and something we as a business see as essential.

Chris Sheffield

Post Hugo, it's been night and day... Before Hugo, I couldn't find a product that would bring everything to a single point. That's where Hugo made a huge difference to me.

Aileen Jiménez

Our meetings are shorter, more productive and more on point – in every way.

Chris Webb

We are absolutely in love with Hugo. Before everything was manual, reliant on memory and we didn't have transparency, organization and an easy way to onboard new hires.

Charline Laroche
Mino Games
30,000 +
teams and professionals enjoy more productive meetings with Hugo

Yes, you can try all features with unlimited users for free.

Try the Pro plan with unlimited users for 21 days for free. After your trial, you can upgrade to keep your Pro features, or use the Basic plan for free.

Do I need a team to use Hugo?
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You don’t need a team to get started with Hugo. But you’ll get more value when your teammates use Hugo too: collaborate on meeting docs, assign tasks, share templates, and keep notes visible in one central place.

Can I share notes and tasks with someone who doesn’t have a Hugo account?
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You can share your meeting docs with anyone — even if they don’t have an account. You can also customize and control who can access each doc.

How does Hugo protect my privacy and data?
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Your privacy is important to us. We invest heavily in security and privacy, ensuring that your data is behind firewalls, encrypted, and only accessible to your team (and members of your team based on the permissions you set). We are also GDPR compliant, Privacy Shield certified, and will soon be SOC 2 certified. You can read more about our security processes and infrastructure in our Security Center.

You don’t have an integration I need. Will Hugo still work?
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Absolutely. Hugo gives you one central place to manage your calendar, notes, and tasks. So you’ll be more organized, prepared, and aligned — even if you don’t connect Hugo to other tools. Also: the Zapier integration lets you connect Hugo to 1,000+ other apps, even if we don't support a direct integration. You can learn more here or request an integration.

Do you offer discounts for nonprofits?
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Yes! It's our small way to thank you for the work you do. You can get started here.

How long does it take to start using Hugo?
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You’ll be up and running in as little as 2 minutes. Hugo syncs with your calendar as soon as you sign up, so there’s nothing to import. You’ll also get helpful videos and resources to get you up and running even faster. Plus, your Pro trial includes chat support in case you have questions.

Can I connect multiple calendars to Hugo?
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Yes, you can connect multiple calendars from the same Google or Microsoft account. You can also create rules for which calendar events you want to be prompted to prepare for (such as only for events with other attendees).

What happens when my free trial is over?
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After your 21 day free trial, you can either upgrade to keep your Pro features, or downgrade to the Basic plan for free. All of your data is preserved when you downgrade. If you have more than 10 users, you’ll need to either upgrade to the Pro plan, or remove users from your account.

Slack, Uber, Netflix and 30,000+ others get more from their meetings with Hugo

Scott Manning

I did the math. Hugo saves us thousands per month. And it's not even close.

Scott Manning
Christiannah Oyedeji

Hugo is the app that's had the single biggest influence on the way we work. I'm prepared for every meeting, everyone's on the same page and my tools are all in sync.

Christiannah Oyedeji
Jordan Husney

After two meetings with Hugo, my team was hooked.

Jordan Husney