Formal Meeting Minutes

Take meeting minutes using a formal structure

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Call to Order

A [meeting type] meeting of [organization name] was held on [date] at [location]. It began at [time] and was presided over by [chairperson’s name], with [secretary’s name] as secretary.


Voting members


Members not in attendance

Approval of minutes

A motion to approve the minutes of the previous [date] meeting was made by [name] and seconded by [name].

Officer’s Reports

Other Reports

Main Motions

  • Motion by [name] and seconded by [name] that [state the motion here]. The motion [carried or failed] with [#] in favor and [#] against.



How to use this template

A formal meeting minutes template usually includes information like:

  1. The title, date, and time of the meeting
  2. An attendance list of everyone who is present at the meeting (and who is absent)
  3. A Call to Order
  4. Summaries of reports from officers and others
  5. A list of motions brought to the meeting, whether they were seconded or not, and vote counts
  6. Announcements
  7. Adjournment

Many of these practices come from Robert’s Rules of Order, a framework for running meetings that gained popularity in the late 19th century and has persisted, to some extent, even until today.

It is customary in these types of formal meetings to call the meeting to order and note the attendance of those whore are present, and those who are absent.

Following the attendance, the minutes from the previous meeting are reviewed and approved.

The meat of the formal meeting, however, is made up of reports from officers as well as others who have been invited to present at the meeting. As these reports take place, motions may be proposed, seconded, and voted upon, all of which should be noted in the motions section of this agenda sample.

The meeting minutes template ends with announcements that require no significant discussion or decision. Once announcements conclude, the formal meeting is formally adjourned.

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