Fireflies AI Alternatives for Transcription and Note-Taking Needs

Explore the top Fireflies AI alternatives while discovering the most effective AI- powered automatic transcription and note-taking tools.

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April 15, 2024

If you’ve been scouring the internet in search of the best AI- powered automatic transcription and note-taking tools, chances are you’ve stumbled upon Fireflies AI. Fireflies AI is an AI-powered meeting transcription tool that helps users capture meeting insights, streamline the meeting process, and improve productivity.

Additional features include real-time transcription, voice recognition, and natural language processing that is used to convert spoken word into text. Despite these features, different organizations have varying needs and requirements for meeting transcription, analysis, and collaboration tools.

This makes the need for Fireflies AI alternatives apparent. In this article, we’ll dive into the best, most-effective AI- powered automatic transcription and note-taking tools so you can choose the perfect tool for your needs.  

Assessing Your Transcription and Note-Taking Needs

It's important to note that the tool you choose will largely depend on your unique needs. If you're in search of a transcription tool without additional functionality, Fireflies AI may be for you. If you're in need of a transcription tool with additional features like meeting management, you may want to consider something more robust, like Fellow. Some tools are built strictly with transcription in mind whereas others are constructed with the entire meeting lifecycle at the forefront.

Exploring Fireflies AI alternatives will ensure that you’ve chosen an AI- powered automatic transcription and note-taking tool with your unique requirements in mind. These requirements may range from anything from your budget to your tech stack integration. What’s most important is choosing a tool that meets your unique needs and requirements. 


Top Fireflies AI Alternatives

1. Fellow

Fellow is a meeting management tool with a variety of intuitive features—including automated transcriptions. The key differentiator between Fellow and other tools is that Fellow goes beyond transcribing and instead assists users throughout the entire meeting lifestyle.

In addition to providing automated transcriptions, Fellow also allows users to create collaborative, fully customizable meeting agendas that can be used to keep meetings on track and organized. With Fellow, you can easily capture meeting minutes, prompt conversations, assign action items, follow up with teammates, and give and receive feedback.



2. Otter

Otter is an AI meeting assistant that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe audio recordings into transcripts. While predominantly used in meetings, Otter can also be used during interviews and lectures.

Otter has a variety of plans starting at a free plan and extending to an enterprise plan. It's also important to note that you can save up to 51% when you commit to a yearly plan. Unlike Fellow, Otter is strictly used to capture meeting notes and transcriptions.



3. Anchor AI

Anchor AI eliminates the need for manual note taking. Simply invite Anchor AI to your Zoom meeting, press record, and access your streamlined, annotated meeting notes.

Anchor AI’s AI-powered automatic meeting notes tool will methodically capture every word so you and your teammates can be present, collaborate, and contribute to the conversation without worrying about transcribing. The best part? Anchor AI is free to sign-up!

Anchor AI


4. Notes by Dubber 

Notes by Dubber is a transcription tool that empowers users to remain focused and engaged during calls and meetings. By eliminating the need to take notes or transcribe manually, Notes by Dubber helps users concentrate on the task at hand. This tool leverages artificial intelligence to generate transcripts, meeting summaries, and action items and offers flexible annual and monthly pricing.

Notes by Dubber 


5. Beenote

Beenote is a meeting management tool that aims to improve the entire process of managing your meetings. With Beenote, you can organize and hold efficient meetings as well as follow up on tasks that are necessary to achieve your objectives.

Similar to other tools on this list, Beenote also enables users to capture automatic meeting notes or transcriptions. Beenote offers flexible plans and pricing, encouraging users to build a plan that speaks to their needs.



6. Temi

Temi is a personal assistant in robot form that can be used to convert audio and video files into text. By leveraging automated speech-to-text algorithms, Temi is able to stitch text to your original audio and video files so they’re easy to search, edit, and share.

To use Temi, simply upload your audio or video file, enter your email address, and check your email or Temi dashboard to access your transcript. You can then view or edit the transcript and download it in your preferred format. While your first file with Temi is free, everything after that costs a flat rate of $0.25 per audio minute. 


User Reviews and Experiences

“While has been instrumental in transforming our agency's sales and brand management processes, there is one aspect that we find less satisfactory. The platform's limitation of not allowing login with an admin account that is not tied to a specific user account has been a roadblock in our workflow. This restriction has sometimes hindered the efficiency and flexibility we desire in managing different roles and permissions within our organization. It's a feature that, if addressed, could further enhance our experience with and streamline our administrative operations.” – G2 user


“With the rise of AI, I was ready to ditch my pen and pad and find a viable alternative. So here comes and its promise of “never taking notes again”. To their credit it isn’t just a catchy slogan; it’s a reality they offer. The product integrates seamlessly with common video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams to automatically record, transcribe, and classify meeting notes. The use cases are different but I particularly found it relevant for interviews and sales meetings. If you are a professional juggling multiple internal meetings, and follow-ups then is what you need. It seamlessly captures and flags critical decision points and action items.” – G2 user


“Fireflies has helped me stay focused and engaged in my meetings. Before when I was taking notes myself, I would quickly become distracted and miss something important. Being able to stay fully present for my clients has been a godsend, especially knowing my full meeting will be recorded and laid out for me minutes after the call ends. It's helped me stay on task, send follow up emails with ease, and overall made my work life so much better. I'm never going back!” – G2 user


As with any AI-powered tool, there is a risk of inaccuracies in the transcriptions or summaries generated by While the platform has a high degree of accuracy, it may struggle with certain accents or technical jargon, which could lead to errors in the final output. – G2 user


Choosing the right AI Transcription Tool

1. Define your Why

The first step to choosing the right AI transcription tool is determining your why. What problem are you trying to solve with your transcription tool? Are you looking for a tool with strictly transcription capability, or are you hoping to invest in a more robust tool with additional functionality? 


2. Assess Your Needs 

After you’ve gotten clear on your why, it's time to look inward and access your needs. Take the time to dive into your internal processes and workflows. What pain points are you experiencing? How can your transcription tool of choice solve these pain points? 


3. Do Your Research 

After you’ve gotten clear on your why and accessed your needs, it's time to do your research. Take the time to do your research and explore various options. It's important to refrain from choosing the first tool that you find and instead choose a tool that aligns with what you really need. Revisit steps one and two during the research stage. 

Learn more about a complete comparison of Fireflies and other AI Transcription Tools.


4. Check Compatibility 

Before you make the final call, it's important to ensure the transcription tool you're choosing will integrate smoothly with your existing systems and software. Ensuring the transcription tool you’ve chosen is compatible with your current tech stack will ensure a smooth transition. 


5. Consider Long-term Viability 

Before settling on an AI transcription tool, it's important to consider the long-term viability of the tool. Will this tool continue to be supported and updated in the future? Can you see your team continuing to use this tool as you scale, grow, or pivot? 


6. ROI Analysis 

If your tool of choice requires a subscription or costly purchase, it's important to conduct an ROI analysis. Consider estimating the potential return on investment by evaluating the tools expected benefit. Conducting this analysis will help you determine whether or not the purchase is worth the price before making a final decision. 


The Perfect Fireflies AI Alternative Awaits

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