November 5, 2021

How Meetings Have Evolved and What's Replacing Them

With Darren Chait, COO @ Hugo; Meghana Reddy, VP of People and Operations @ Loom; and Alexandra Wilson, Editor @ Forbes

In this video, learn something life-changing:

If you’re managing a team or running a project, meetings are a cornerstone of how you keep your team aligned. 

But the pandemic accelerated a shift to remote and hybrid work, pushing meetings and other workplace communication habits to the breaking point.

Even as offices reopen, that shift remains. If you haven’t recalibrated your meeting habits for a hybrid environment, you’re facing eroding productivity, increased miscommunication, and employee burnout.

Join us for a discussion on how companies are pushing the boundaries on how they communicate and work, with and without meetings.

  • Discover how re-thinking meetings is a powerful productivity hack for the whole team
  • Learn how remote and hybrid teams are adopting tools to become better communicators than their co-located peers
  • Hear from seasoned experts on the trajectory of workplace tools headed into the next decade

We’ll also delve into insights from the report The Art of Async. This new guide looks at workplace communication methods like meetings, chat, video, and collaborative documents, and provides a structure for improved productivity and increased focus time.

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