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April 17, 2024

With our free Google Doc templates, you can quickly and easily create a meeting agenda.

We have a variety of styles of templates to choose from. Each has a professional look and feel, and you can customize each with your meeting’s agenda and company brand.

Why meeting agendas are important

Even the most basic meeting agenda is instrumental in making a meeting a good use of your time. By having an agenda, all meeting participants know what you expect of them.

As you fill out your meeting agenda, here are some tips to make it even more helpful:

Use action verbs in your agenda.

Instead of noting something nondescript like “Hiring discussion” explain what should happen. E.g., “Discuss whether to hire another marketer this quarter.”

Agendas should be as short as possible, but as long as necessary.

If you find your agenda is going on for multiple pages, it sounds like you have some information to share BEFORE the meeting. Move that content to another doc and send it as something to review pre-meeting.

Share your agenda Google Doc in advance of the meeting.

Send your agenda to participants at least one day before the meeting. That way, they can organize their thoughts around any critical discussion topics. Better yet, ask participants to fill in bullet points for sections where they will be contributing to the meeting.

Browse 100+ free agenda templates

How to copy a Google Doc meeting agenda template

The templates are available below. As you find what you need, know that you don’t need to request permission to edit these documents to use them as your own.

How to copy (or “download”) any of these meeting agenda Google Docs

  1. Open the File menu in Google Docs
  2. Click “Make a copy”
  3. Rename your copy and choose what folder to save it in
  4. Press “OK”
  5. A new Google Doc tab should open in your browser with the meeting agenda template


Now you have a meeting agenda template Google Doc to customize as your own.

💡 TIP: You can also download any Google Doc as a Word document. Just open the same File menu and choose Download > Microsoft Word (.docx)

Simple Agenda Template

Simple agenda template download

This Google Doc agenda template uses tables to help organize your agenda and action items.

It's not a great experience to use Excel or Google Sheets for a meeting agenda. Formatting text and using bullets points is challenging in a spreadsheet.

But, in a Google Doc, by adding simple tables, you can create a simple agenda that looks nice and is easy to use.

Tech Company Agenda Template

Tech Company Style Meeting Agenda Template Google Doc

Here's a clean, simple meeting agenda template without a lot of fluff. Emojis are added next to main action items to make the agenda more engaging and visual.

Tweak the agenda Google Doc by replacing the names in the updates section with the names of people at your meeting. Action items can be noted at the bottom of the agenda template.

Professional Agenda Template

Team meeting agenda template Google Doc

Here's a simple and effective Google Doc template for a team meeting. This is one of the standard templates from the template library in Google Docs itself.

Modern Agenda Template

Modern meeting agenda template for Google Docs

This modern meeting agenda or notes template uses a great combination of fonts and colors.

Formal Agenda Template

Formal agenda template Google Doc

This board meeting template is based on the tropic meeting notes template that comes standard with Google Docs. Lively colors help brighten up a formal meeting that can, at times, be a little bit heavy.

How to customize your meeting agenda template in Google Docs

Each of the free templates on this page makes use of Google Doc’s built-in styles:

  • Normal Text
  • Title
  • Heading 1
  • Heading 2

If you want to re-style a component of the template, first change the font, size, color, etc. to the text in one place. Then click into the text styles menu and find the same style (for example, “Heading 2”). It will have a checkmark by it.

Hover over the triangle on the side and click ‘Update Heading 2 to match.’ Now all of the text using that same style will be reformatted in your Google Doc.

How Fellow helps you with meeting agendas in ways that Google Docs can’t

You’re probably searching for a Google Doc template because you use G-Docs for everything else.

And why not? Google Docs is free if you have a G-Suite or Gmail account. And the docs are easy to use and share.

And what good is a meeting agenda template if it’s hard to share, right?

Fellow is what would happen if Google Docs connected to your Google calendar. 

For every meeting in your calendar, you have a corresponding place in Fellow to prepare an agenda and take meeting notes. Notes in Fellow are clean, professional-looking, and easily shared. Instead of monkeying with the formatting, you can focus on the meeting.

The biggest difference is that Fellow notes are automatically organized using that same calendar data. Instead of getting lost in folders in Google Docs never to be seen again, agenda and notes in Fellow are linked to your calendar events, which makes them incredibly easy to find.

If you want to try Fellow, there are free accounts for individuals and small teams.


Get more sample meeting agenda templates

If you like the style of any of the Google Doc templates above but need help figuring out what goes in the agenda for a specific type of meeting, the Hugo template library is a great place to start.

We have a free library of 80+ meeting agendas. Each is available as a Google Doc, Word Doc, or for use in Fellow.

In the library, you’ll find agendas for common types of meetings like board meetings, team meetings, customer calls, sales meetings — all sorts of business meetings.

Other tips for better meetings

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