April 12, 2019

Building a Culture of Success on Open Principles

Josh Lowy's session at Atlassian Summit 2019 on Hugo's transformation into an open organization

When last did you look under the hood?

Two entrepreneurs stumbled upon a few Summit keynote recordings and the Atlassian Team Playbook. What followed was the transformation of their business. Starting with a fractured team and a product struggling to find its place in the market, they emerged as a leader in their space with a tightly aligned team that is smashing their goals.

The secret to their success? Openness. Easy access to information across teams and a safe environment for admitting and learning from mistakes – principles they've even built into the software they make. Hugo co-founder Josh Lowy will share the lessons they've learned about how openness affects the bottom line, attracts the best talent, and develops a culture of success. Spoiler alert: the issue isn't what's going on outside your business – it's what goes on inside.

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