Developing a Foundational Approach to Gender Equity in Tech

While gender discrimination is beginning to get the attention it deserves, we must take cues to work toward creating balanced teams.

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Developing a Foundational Approach to Gender Equity in Tech

What can the tech industry do today to increase gender equity for the future?

Over the past few years, gender equality in the tech industry has become more of a priority for leadership and diversity advocates alike.

The latest diversity in tech movement started with Tracy Chou asking "Where are the numbers?" in 2013. The #MeToo movement in 2016 further propelled this, after which lasting change has been highly anticipated. In this light, it is important to consider which efforts have been implemented and how successful they have been.

This white paper discusses the current state of women in tech including:

  • the issues with personal voice and how to use technology as an equalizing factor
  • the disproportionate advancement of white women over women of color
  • opportunities to improve how women see themselves in the workforce today

It will also discuss what the tech industry must do to build a bright future for all women and give you an idea of the components of an ideal collaboration tool stack.

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