10X Culture

The 4-hour meeting week and 25 other secrets from innovative, fast-moving teams

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10X Culture

Culture can break your team. It can also unleash it.

From the lessons of innovators like Zoom and Atlassian to the feats of human potential like the Apollo moon landing, learn the secrets to remarkable teamwork.

“10X Culture is the best shortcut you can take in your team’s journey toward a winning culture . . . It can be read in an afternoon but you'll be re-reading it for the rest of your life.”

Eric S. Yuan, Founder & CEO at Zoom

"10X Culture exposes a mindset . . . how to unlearn bad works habits, and relearn how to relate to each other . . . how culture can take your team from exceptional, to extra exceptional."

Megha Narayan, Global Head of Brand, Atlassian

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