Mar 23, 2022

New logo and brand identity

Announcing a complete refresh of the Hugo brand!

Josh Lowy
Josh Lowy
Co-founder & CEO at Hugo
New logo and brand identity

Customers and friends,

Today I'm excited to share a complete refresh of the Hugo brand identity.

With the rapid shift to hybrid work, the urgency for and impact of Hugo has expanded significantly. After hearing so many amazing Hugo stories from all of you, we knew that it was time for our brand to evolve. We needed it to do a better job of representing the trickle-down benefits of Hugo meetings on both individual and company performance.

This refresh extends from how we communicate, through to the look-and-feel of every Hugo touchpoint.

Opening with our new logomark - you can see that it retains familiarity, while also leveraging the `H` to connect two sides of a circle, conveying how Hugo brings concepts together that are critical to meeting mastery and team cohesion. One of those concepts is the unification of calendars and docs into a single interface. Another is the asynchronous and synchronous meeting collaboration that is enabled by the product. Finally, the overextended pillars of the `H` beyond the archway, convey the far-reaching impact of good meetings on how teams and companies operate.

The logotype is bold, progressive, and opinionated - leaning into our conviction on how to run meetings the Hugo way. The meeting best practices baked into Hugo are real - 2/3 Hugo meetings are prepared for in advance of the start time, and the average Hugo doc is shared with 15 colleagues.

One of my privileges as a co-founder is getting to hear encouraging feedback from thousands of customers like Romir Bosu at Clubspeed:

"Hugo solves visibility, ensures we start and finish meetings on time, and even begin the collaboration process before the meeting starts.”

Comments like these encourage us to continue building a system that primes companies to master their meetings, and create a culture of cohesiveness & team excellence.

We now know that meetings aren't just at the center of how every team gets work done, they're at the center of employee fulfillment. Wasteful meetings are a talent-killer. With an offering that expands engagement, efficiency, and productivity throughout the company, Hugo eliminates these traps, and unlocks an incomparable way to work.

A big thank you to all of our customers for trusting us with your meetings, and engaging with my team to help shape the Hugo way. I hope that you're as excited about the new brand as my team and I. Don't forget to check out how these changes have already been incorporated into the product!

- Josh

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