Sep 28, 2020

Major Feature Update: Tasks

How to use tasks in Hugo, and why our approach to tasks is different.

Rob Lennon
Rob Lennon
Customer Education Lead at Hugo
Major Feature Update: Tasks

When you make a decision in a meeting, most of the time, it also comes with something to do. 

(Meetings without actions are usually a waste of time.)

To help you track these actions, Hugo already integrates with popular project apps. But these apps aren't designed for meetings. They’re not what you have open during a meeting or where you’re jotting your meeting notes.

That’s why we’re introducing a fast, easy, lightweight way to manage tasks directly in Hugo.

Just like with note-taking in Hugo, our tasks feature ties into your calendar data to make your life easier in a few unique ways from other task-management tools.

How are tasks in Hugo handled differently from other apps?

You can note tasks on paper, in your phone, and in other apps. Why use Hugo?

None of these other options are calendar-centric.

Because Hugo connects to your calendar, all of your tasks can also be associated with actual meetings in your calendar. This also allows you to organize your tasks based on meeting data, like tasks from a recurring team meeting, or tasks related to a person or company you meet with regularly.

Plus, instead of managing an action item in an app that is disconnected from the meeting, you can do it directly in your notes. 

Here are the main benefits.

✅📆 Better meeting preparation. 

Use tasks in Hugo to create and complete tasks before a meeting starts:

  • A task for everyone to add their bullet points to the agenda
  • A task to review a deck, video, or report before the meeting
  • A task for customer success to share a public link of the agenda with the customer

✅👋 Assign tasks to anyone. 

People at your meeting may not use Hugo, but you can still track tasks for them in Hugo

Assign tasks to anyone in your meeting, including contractors, customers, and team members who don’t have Hugo accounts.

✅ 🖇️ Tasks are linked to your meetings. (And in your notes.)

View tasks for your recurring team meeting...or view them by customer or client. 

The same auto-organizing magic that Hugo uses to store your meeting notes works for tasks too.

✅🏃 Tasks in Hugo are lightning-fast. 

Speed ahead with smart assignee and due date suggestions. Hugo magically offers the most likely options so you don’t have to type them.

Take your speed to 11 and learn how to power through creating tasks without touching your mouse. Check out how to do it using keyboard shortcuts. 

✅🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Assign tasks to multiple people. 

What other software lets you assign a task to a group?

Having one responsible individual works great for normal projects, but what if you need everyone at the meeting to review some materials beforehand? 

Or for just your team to fill in their updates?

Hugo smartly detects these groups and lets you create a task for multiple people at once (while still tracking individual completion.)

Log into Hugo to try tasks for yourself

Jump in and give it a try. Log into your account at app.hugo.team.


FAQs about using Tasks in Hugo

For my tasks, when should I use integrations with Jira, Trello, etc… and when should I use Hugo?

Yes — Hugo still integrates with popular tools like Jira, Asana, and Trello. But a lot of action items from meetings aren’t right for project management tools.

When to use a project app like Jira, Asana, and Trello

  • For larger projects with multiple steps
  • For tasks which require discussion (and comments)

When to use tasks in Hugo

  • For tasks related specifically to a meeting
  • Any time you want a reminder for something you jotted in your meeting notes

Can I put tasks in my agenda templates to help automate my work?

Yes! By combining tasks and templates, Hugo makes you extra effective and efficient. Here are some examples:

  • For customer calls, add a reminder to follow up.
  • For team meetings, add a task for everyone to fill in their updates.
  • For leadership meetings, add a request that everyone review the data before the meeting.

Where can I manage my tasks in Hugo?

Tasks are associated with your meeting preparation and your meeting notes. Create or click into either, and you’ll see tasks on the right-hand side of the note composer.

Log into Hugo to explore tasks for yourself. 

For new users, if you don’t yet have an account, use Hugo to boost your meeting productivity. It’s easy to use and free for individuals and small teams. Get started now by connecting your work calendar.

What are some other best practices for meeting tasks and action items?

Here are tips for managing tasks and action items:

  1. Establish concrete action items. Tasks should be clear, specific, and easily understood.
  2. Say new tasks out loud. This reaffirms the action item as a decision.
  3. Highlight action items in your notes. Hugo does this for you by aggregating your tasks together on the right side of your notes.

Assign a person to every action item. And a due date, if there is one. Don’t leave the meeting until every task has an owner.


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