Top 8 Sembly AI Alternatives: Learn How Fellow Can Help You Master Virtual Meeting Management

Sembly AI alternatives that will help you master virtual meeting management and host more effective team meetings.

The Meetingnotes Team
November 3, 2023

If you’ve been looking for a way to boost productivity within your organization, it may be time to introduce meeting productivity software. Chances are, if you’ve been scouring the internet for collaborative meeting tools, you’ve come across Sembly AI. While Sembly AI does provide meeting management solutions, many users claim this virtual meeting management tool lacks intuitive features. Luckily, we’re here to dive into the top 8 Sembly AI alternatives so you can take your productivity to new heights while hosting more effective team meetings. 

Why Look for Sembly Alternatives?

Looking through G2 reviews, some common complaints include:

  • "Problem is it doesn't work half of the time. We invited Sembly to the zoom meetings a few times and almost half of the meetings can't be recorded." - G2 Review
  • "The audio uploads only allows 5 hours for the plan. What's the use of Sembly if we can't have our interviews recorded." - G2 Review
  • "I don't find the Key Items helpful at all. I don't lose anything by not using it, but I wish I could find a way to make the inclusions more meaningful and therefore useful." - G2 Review
  • "Often, Sembly will attribute a dialog to the wrong speaker. This causes tasks to be incorrectly assigned" - G2 Review

The most important thing to consider is to find a tool that matches your specific business needs

Top Sembly Alternatives

1. Fellow

Fellow is a Sembly AI alternative that is incomparable to any other meeting productivity software on this list. Unlike other Sembly AI alternatives, this virtual meeting management tool manages the entire meeting lifecycle from start to finish by creating collaborative meeting agendas, assigning, and following up on action items, streamlining feedback, and building better meeting habits. With Fellow you can keep track of work interactions and feedback over time, collaborate on meeting agendas before every one-on-one meeting, assign clear action items and takeaways at the end of each meeting, leverage time saving templates, and centralize action items from different meetings in one personal to-do list. There’s no risk involved when determining if Fellow is the Sembly AI alternative for you as you can try the platform for free! 

G2 rating: 4.7/5 

“I am an avid note taker and usually the one that writes down all the to-do's, changes, and reminders for the team. I have them on post-it notes stuck to my computer to remind me or in my notebook. The issue with that is the notes are not in any type of order and it is easy to miss something. Fellow allows me to keep the notes in one place for each meeting which is especially helpful for recurring meetings, so we know where we left off. I can send the notes to the team after the meeting in an email and I can also record our meetings. Lastly, my to-do list is sent to me daily, so I never miss anything.” -G2 User Review

“The product is a super intuitive meeting assistant that allows me to focus on the content of the meeting rather than the organization of such content. Just like having Slack open all day, Fellow lives in my background throughout the day, allowing me to throw notes/questions/comments onto my applicable upcoming meetings, rather than having to transcribe them into the meeting later. Also LOVE LOVE LOVE the "carry over" feature for incomplete talking points/action items.” -G2 User Review



2. Otter

If you've been looking for an easy-to-use virtual meeting management tool that streamlines the transcription and note-taking process, Otter may be for you. Otter is a Sembly AI alternative that leverages artificial intelligence to transcribe audio recordings into accurate transcripts. While predominantly used in meetings, Otter can also be used during interviews, lectures, and more. Additional features include speaker identification, real-time transcription and note-taking, voice command control, collaboration and sharing, search and keyword analysis, and seamless integration with other tools. Otter has a variety of plans starting at a free plan and extending to an enterprise plan.

G2 rating: 4.1/5

“It has significantly increased my productivity considering the fact that it has cut down my note taking time in workshops and meetings. It has allowed me to be able to actively listen more often, I have recommended it to all my peers.” -G2 User Review

“Some words within the translation can be hit or miss. If you want 100% accuracy, you will need to do a spot check/adjustment or in some cases, re-listen to the entire recording to find the errors and make your adjustments. There is also no reminder/prompt to stop the recording after a set period, so if you forget to manually stop it, the recording will continue on and on.” -G2 User Review



3. AI Meeting Manager

Hosting effective team meetings can be difficult which is why it's important to do your due diligence by exploring all Sembly AI alternatives before deciding on a tool that will shape the future of your meetings. AI meeting manager is a virtual meeting management tool that automates various aspects of the meting lifecycle including scheduling, transcribing and notetaking, and agenda creation. These solutions are backed by AI, making it possible to boost productivity and meeting efficiency with minimal manual output. AI Meeting Manager offers a free download for Windows, meaning you can get started on your meeting management journey at no additional cost!  

G2 rating: Not available

AI Meeting Manager

4. Avoma

Avoma is a collaborative meeting tool that empowers users to host effective team meetings by extracting data from meetings and providing actionable insights. Avoma is a meeting intelligence platform that leverages artificial intelligence to identify areas in which you can improve during your meetings, making it possible to pivot and improve when necessary. Additional features include sentiment analysis, action item tracking, analytics and reporting, conversation intelligence, topic and keyword analysis, transcription and note-taking, and integration with various CRM and collaboration tools. You can try Avoma for free and upgrade if this Sembly AI alternative suits your needs. 

G2 rating: 4.6/5

“Avoma is not only affordable, but it is a powerful tool that is easy to use. Implementation was extremely fast, and they continue to develop additional features for positive insights and assigning AI to key information that can be bulleted separately in the call recap. The way it integrates with our CRM (Salesforce), Zoom and google meet was quick and painless, which is always a major concern when implementing a new solution. My sales team is able to create snippets of their demo calls, comment on the snippets and ask for feedback daily. I personally utilize this tool every day to help my team continue developing and closing on opportunities frequently.” -G2 User Review



5. MeetGeek

Looking for a Sembly AI alternative that will help you host more effective team meetings? MeetGeek is a meeting integration that can be integrated into your video conferencing tool of choice to automatically record, transcribe, and distribute meeting highlights to meeting participants. MeetGeek integrates seamlessly with your calendar and will automatically join your Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams meetings, making it quick and easy to automatically transcribe every conversation. Additional features include meeting insights and analytics, auto recordings and transcriptions, highlights, and keyword detection, and more. If you're just getting started, you can opt for the free plan; if you're looking for something more robust, you can upgrade to the pro plan for $15/ month per user. 

 G2 rating: 4.6/5

“MeetGeek software offers a multitude of exceptional features that make it truly stand out in the realm of virtual meetings and collaboration. Firstly, its user-friendly interface provides a seamless and intuitive experience, allowing participants to effortlessly navigate and utilize its extensive functionalities. The software's high-definition video and audio quality ensure crystal-clear communication, fostering a sense of presence even in remote settings. Moreover, MeetGeek offers advanced screen-sharing capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly share their screens, presentations, and documents with fellow participants, enhancing collaboration and productivity. The software's robust security measures, including end-to-end encryption and secure access controls, instill trust and confidentiality during meetings. Additionally, MeetGeek boasts reliable and stable connections, minimizing disruptions and ensuring smooth interactions. With its comprehensive suite of features, intuitive design, and commitment to security and performance, MeetGeek software proves to be a top choice for individuals and businesses seeking an exceptional virtual meeting and collaboration solution.” -G2 User Review


“Currently, MeetGeek only supports note-taking ability when the conversation happens in English. It would be really helpful if in the future MeetGeek added note-taking abilities from other languages as well.” -G2 User Review



6. is a Sembly AI alternative and virtual meeting management tool that helps users host effective team meetings with features such as real-time meeting transcription and searchable transcripts, analytics and insights, action item detection, intelligent highlights and summaries, speaker identification and timestamps, and seamless integration with the tools you already know and love. Plans range from a free plan for beginners to a business plan that is priced at $19/month per user.

 G2 rating: 4.4/5

“It’s AI-powered system will save thousands of hours for your organization. You don't need any notetaker or high-paying meeting administrators such as a lot of scrum masters. You don't need to attend all meetings as an org Admin. All your saved time can be easily invested in the work you like thanks to is an excellent AI-powered smart virtual meeting assistant. Its awesome smart searches easily detect Questions, Tasks, and Metrics, and all AI-driven filters are very promising. It has a great engagement with sentiment filters to understand people's conversation tools like their positivity, negativity, and much more. Its detection of speakers' contributions is awesome.” -G2 User Review


“The only thing I've struggled with is the pricing model. It was not clear before signing up that some of the higher end features didn't come with a paid account and only from purchasing additional AI credits. I think that all user accounts should come with some basic quantity of AI credits each month and then if you require more users can pay for them.” -G2 User Review


7. Timz.Flowers

Timz.Flowers is an all-in-one meeting productivity software that combines the power of AI, video conferencing, and asynchronous meetings to help users host more effective team meetings. With several intuitive features including AI intelligence, feature-rich video calls, async meetings, automated follow-ups, advanced video editing, and AI smart search, Timz.Flowers helps users maximize efficiency with minimal effort. Pricing and plans for Timz.Flowers range from a basic plan for free to a business plan for $13/month per team. 

G2 rating: 4.5/5

“Timz.Flowers is a new approach to share and create knowledge. We can map infinite perspectives and understand problems and find solutions quicker.” -G2 User Review



8. Supernormal

Supernormal is a virtual meeting management tool that can be used to seamlessly transcribe your Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams meetings, making it possible for you and your teammates to stay focused and engaged during every meeting. The best part? This Sembly AI alternative can be used to transcribe your meetings in a number of languages, and it can be integrated into meetings automatically or by invite with the click of a button. Supernormal has a simple pricing structure, offering a “free forever plan” or a pro plan for $49/month. 

G2 rating: 4.4/5 

“Super easy to make notes, especially with the shortcuts. I like the way that we can quickly access the action buttons and quickly open notes, that is very valuable. -G2 User Review


“I liked the little pop up that enabled you to annotate your meetings as you went. I liked how it showed up in the zoom meeting - it came in as audio rather than video so you could hide the non-video participants so it wasn't in your face.” -G2 User Review



How to Choose the Right Alternative

The meeting productivity software you choose will largely depend on your unique needs. It's important to choose collaborative meeting tools that are easy to use for both you and your teammates, a tool that can be customizable to suit your unique needs, and a tool that fits within your budget. Additional considerations include security and privacy, and scalability.


Fellow: The Virtual Meeting Management Tool of Your Dreams

When browsing Sembly AI alternatives, it becomes apparent that Fellow is the superior choice. Fellow is where teams gather to have productive team meetings and meaningful one-on-ones, build collaborative meeting agendas, record decisions, and keep track of action items. The Fellow advantages go beyond Sembly features, reinstating that this is the superior virtual meeting management tool.

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