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Jeroen Corthout

What are you selling and to who?

Don't forget this fundamental question to ensure your call achieves its outcome.

What is the customer looking for? Why?

Consider the job-to-be-done. What is the customer looking to achieve?

How many users will they have? Who will be using the product?

Which roles, types of users and departments?

What are they using today?

Which product, solution or workaround will your product be replacing?

What are they comparing your product to?

This is an important consideration so you can convey value over the alternative.

What questions did the customer have? How did you answer them?

Make sure you capture these questions to understand what the customer needs to know, and how you could improve your pitch next time.

Any product feedback to note?

Sales calls are a great source of bugs, feature requests, and improvements to pass on to the rest of the team.

How to use this template

Almost all sales cycles involve conversation. That's because, at its core, sales is conversation. But each team has its own unique approach for carrying out these discussions. This customizable meeting note template enables you to connect the dots between your prospect's pain points and your team's solution. Simply tailor its structure to capture the insights you need to move things forward.

But no matter the conversation, actions always speak louder than words. That's why our outline equips you with the tools you need to get things done. Simply highlight any of your notes and turn them into assignable, actionable steps on your team's favorite platforms.

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