One-on-One: Sales Executive

Sync up with sales leaders and executives in a 1:1 meeting to build a stronger sales machine

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Business Update

Review sales targets and performance goals against actual performance. Contextualize the numbers. Review your position in the competitive landscape—are we where we want to be?

Analyze Obstacles and Successes

What’s working? Can/should we invest more in what’s working? 

What’s not working? Should we change course? What needs to happen to make it work? (i.e. more resources, alternate organizational structure, etc.) 

New Opportunities

What new market opportunities have us excited? How can we capitalize?  

Upcoming Initiatives

What new sales and marketing campaigns are coming up? Do we have the proper resources in place to execute on these initiatives?

Open Floor

Provide time for open discussion. Is there anything else you want to talk about? 


Should we schedule another one-on-one?

Action Items:

Other Notes:

How to use this template

If sales leaders hope to execute the vision of sales executives, regular one-on-ones are critical. Effective communication between these two leaders of the sales organization helps chart a clear direction from the top down. It also provides a critical opportunity for leaders to share insights from the trenches that factor into executive-level, strategic decision-making. In short, neither sales leader nor sales executive can function effectively without regular one-on-one communication.

Yet it’s not enough to just hold the meeting. Both sales leaders and executives have precious little time. This makes establishing and maintaining the focus of these meetings from start to finish all that much more important. 

And that’s what this one-on-one meeting agenda template is for—to establish the structure necessary for a productive meeting between sales leader and sales executive.

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