Initial Partnership Meeting

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Art Levy
VP of Business Development

Introduction (2 slides)

  • Intro Slide -- summarize your business with clear metrics and elevator pitch
  • Priorities Slide -- your priorities on one side, your thoughts on Partner’s priorities on another side

Partnership Section (4 slides)

  • Partnership Vision --  “sell the long term dream”, graphics a plus
  • Benefits to the Partner -- detail why your ask would be good for THEM
  • Example of Past Partnership -- prior Partnership you’ve done + success metrics
  • Proposed Next Steps

Appendix I -- Company Background (up to 4 slides)

  • Three incremental intro slides
  • One Slide on your company response to COVID-19

Appendix II -- Current Company Partnerships (up to 4 slides)

  • If any relevant 

How to use this template

Successful partnerships are a high-risk, high-reward part of a startup’s go-to-market strategy. In order to use this template correctly, you must have a clear idea of WHAT you want from the blue-chip Partner and also how you can help THEM. Partnerships can be company-changing but can be very resource intensive as well. You must start with Partnerships with companies where you are fairly sure you will be able to help them -- not just where they will help you. You also need a clear picture of what success looks like coming out of this first meeting and onto the next.

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