First Team Meeting

Build rapport and trust while setting expectations for long-term team success

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Share a story, or tell the group something no one knows about you

About Your Manager

Give a brief overview of your professional experience, communication preferences, and values

Team Expectations

Describe team values and communication channels/cadence

(Optional) Feedback/Open Discussion

Solicit ideas from the team that would help the team work better together

Action Items

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How to use this template

For the first team meeting agenda template, however, the meeting is all about the team and how you will work together.

You should have three main goals for your team meeting:

  1. Make a solid first impression on the team.
  2. Set the tone and expectations for you and your team to succeed together long-term.
  3. Establish trust, respect, and rapport

In later team meetings you can focus more on specific projects and action items.

How to make a good first impression

According to, there are eight strategies to focus on for an excellent first impression at your team meeting.

  1. Be on time
  2. Present yourself appropriately
  3. Be yourself
  4. Have a winning smile
  5. Be open and confident in your body language
  6. Use small talk
  7. Be positive
  8. Be courteous and attentive

How to set expectations at your first team meeting

Depending on your role in this first team meeting, exactly what expectations you'll want to set may be a lot different from someone else reading this article. However, expectation-setting at work generally benefits from a few best practices.

Be specific. Lay out what success looks like.

Explain the WHY. Let people know the rationale behind your thinking.

Explain how you'll help. Expectation setting goes both ways. Discuss how you'll participate.

Ask for verbal buy-in. Have your co-workers physically say, "yes" to important expectations, or have them repeat back to you what the expectations are.

Tips on establishing trust and rapport with coworkers

Before your first team meeting, make sure your behavior, body language, and communication style is conducive to building trust.

  1. Make eye contact
  2. Use people's names
  3. Mirror and match mannerisms and speech
  4. Be genuine and honest
  5. Ask questions and listen thoughtfully
  6. Show real interest

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