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Team Information

Customer Success Manager:

Sales Team Member:

Other Key Stakeholders & Their Roles:

Customer Background

Customer Name:


Company Size:

Contract Sign Date:

Contract Length:

Customer Goals

What is the main business objective of the customer? How do they generate revenue?

Why Our Solution?

What challenges or pain points does our product solve for the customer? What benefits or features are they most interested in?

Defining Success

How does the customer define success? What are the short-term objectives (and their steps) to help us get there?

Key Metrics

How do we measure success along the way? What metrics (such as Average MRR, # of Users, and other KPIs) should be discussed?

Work & Communication Style

What is the customer's ideal working relationship? What is the best way to contact them?

Growth Opportunities

How can we tailor the product or experience to better suit the customer?

Red Flags & Risks

Is the customer migrating from a competitor? Why? Were there any hesitations or hiccups encountered during the sales process? How can we ensure these don’t happen during and after the customer handoff?

Next Steps for Team

List all actionable steps and the team member responsible for each one. Refer to "Defining Success" section for help.

Next Steps for Customer

What are the next steps for the customer? Is any training required?

Other Important Notes

Is there any other information worth sharing?

How to use this template

In relay races, defining moments don't occur at the finish line; they happen when the baton gets passed from one runner to the next. This is no different in business. Customer transitions can be tricky. Make sure you get them right every time with our customer handoff template.

Strong customer relationship management is crucial to long-term success—it costs five times more to attain a new customer than retain an old one. And customer handoffs are the linchpin. This meeting note template sets you up for true customer success with the following benefits:

  1. A customizable format to collect all relevant data regardless of the transition type
  2. Context centralizing and sharing to catalyze team collaboration
  3. A consistently great customer experience that sets all parties up for success

This customer handoff template provides a consistent way to transmit relevant knowledge through your business. Tailor it to fit any departmental transfer. So whether you're transitioning a client to customer success or account management, you can always gather the right insights.

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