Catch-Up Meeting

Sync up with your teammates after you haven't chatted in a while

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Emotional state

Discuss how the time between this meeting and your last one has been. What has excited, frustrated, engaged, or bored you (and the other meeting participants)? 


Explore the most recent state of each other’s team relationships. What is your team struggling with? Where are they finding success?


Review your short and long-term goals. How are you progressing towards them? What short-term goals or interim milestones on long-term goals have you reached?

Feedback & Support

Check in to see how/if you can support the other meeting participants. How can we work together more effectively? How can I support you better?

Open Discussion & Wrap Up

Open discussion. Then, list and assign action items and schedule the next meeting.

How to use this template

A catch-up meeting is between two or more people when the people involved haven’t interacted in a while. 

The goal of this meeting is to strengthen individual, and by extension, team relationships. 

Catch-up meetings are a bit different than your typical meeting because they focus on the individual. But just because you’re not necessarily addressing pressing items in this meeting doesn’t mean the stakes aren’t just as high.

When run well, a catch-up meeting is a tool for rooting out the causes of poor team communication and improving employee engagement. 

A meeting of this importance requires a toolkit, so I created this post, complete with an agenda template and guidance from expert team-builders. 

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