AI-generated meeting agendas: The 2024 Guide to Leveraging Technology for Your Meetings

Discover how smart agenda solutions like AI generated meeting agendas are revolutionizing effective meeting management.

The Meetingnotes Team
April 12, 2024

Until recently, meeting management remained stagnant. Busy professionals were expected to complete their day jobs while simultaneously taking on the responsibility of planning, facilitating, and executing meetings. Because of busy schedules, conflicting priorities, and a lack of resources and training, effective meeting management often fell through the cracks. Luckily, AI meeting tools can help mitigate these challenges by making it easier to facilitate exceptional meetings. AI generated meeting agendas take the onus off the host by leveraging technology to streamline various administrative tasks that are associated with facilitating and running meetings. Busy professionals can now leverage smart agenda solutions and AI meeting tools to create accurate, comprehensive meetings agendas with a list of topics, action items, and more. In this article, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about AI generated meetings agendas including how they work, how to use them effectively, and the best tools for automated agenda creation. 


Understanding AI-Generated Meeting Agendas

AI-generated meeting agendas are documents or outlines of meetings that are created using machine learning and artificial intelligence. Instead of creating a meeting agenda from scratch, you can leverage AI meeting tools to create AI generated meeting agendas. These smart agenda solutions create AI-generated meeting agendas by analyzing past meeting data, project timelines, and team calendars to suggest talking points, and meeting times. Additionally, AI in meeting planning can be used to prioritize agenda items based on urgency, deadlines, and the importance of tasks to be discussed.


Natural language processing and AI meeting tools have combined to create unmatched automated agenda creation solutions, making it possible for busy professionals to create a comprehensive meeting agenda with the click of a button. Not only do AI generated meeting agendas ensure that every meeting runs smoothly, but they also help inform meeting participants prior to each meeting. The right AI meeting tools will help you save time, reduce your workload, and increase meeting efficiency and collaboration.


Benefits of AI-Driven Agendas

1. Saves Time and Reduces Workload

Creating a comprehensive meeting agenda can be incredibly time consuming and tedious. By the time you source a template, detail all important talking points, and ensure you aren’t forgetting any important details, you could be wasting hours every month. Luckily, AI generated meeting agendas are a huge time saver. Leveraging smart agenda solutions automates the entire process of meeting agenda creation meaning you can cross this off your lengthy to-do list and spend your time on more meaningful tasks. 


2. Improves Meeting Efficiency

There's nothing worse than attending a meeting with a poor meeting agenda, or even worse, no agenda at all. AI generated meeting agendas leverage natural language processing and artificial intelligence to ensure every agenda is completed meticulously with every detail that is necessary to host an effective meeting, ensuring key topics are covered and the conversation flows from one important detail to the next. If you’ve been struggling to prioritize effective meeting management, it may be time to leverage AI in meeting planning, or more specifically, AI generated meeting agendas. 


3. Increases Collaboration

In a dispersed workforce that continues to favor remote work, collaboration has become increasingly more difficult. To combat geographical constraints, organizations around the world are continuing to leverage AI meeting tools to prioritize both connectivity and collaboration. AI generated meeting agendas make it easier for teammates to participate in the meeting agenda creation process with meeting management tools like Fellow that prompt meeting participants to collaborate seamlessly on meeting agendas. 

Top AI Generated Meeting Agenda Tools


Fellow is a meeting management tool that empowers managers to bring their meetings to new heights. With several intuitive features including meeting scheduling, AI generated meeting agendas, action item tracking, and so much more, Fellow is the superior choice for hosting effective meetings. To quote Mike Landman, the Founder and CEO of Ripple, “I’m generally an AI skeptic, but we used the Fellow AI meeting assistant, and it was really good. The AI Summary is truly sublime”. The AI Meeting Copilot offered by Fellow is second to none, providing one of the most integrated AI transcriptions and recordings services.


In addition, Fellows AI Meeting Assistant can be used to build thoughtful meeting agendas. With Fellow, it's as simple as getting AI-generated meeting agenda suggestions, topics, and talking points right where your meetings happen so you can set the tone for an effective meeting without having to worry about crafting the perfect agenda. Your AI Meeting Assistant will pull from your meeting title, previous meeting notes, and attendees to help build a thoughtful, relevant meeting agenda. Agenda topics and suggested talking points are tailored to every individual meeting and participant, meaning you don’t have to worry about a cookie-cutter solution that won't speak to your unique needs. You can even customize the tone of your meeting with AI prompts and make edits to the AI-generated meeting agenda, ensuring your meeting agendas are always a perfect representation of your meetings. 



2. Taskade

Taskade is a meeting agenda generator backed by dynamic AI builders. Unlike Fellow, this tool focuses strictly on meeting agenda creation, providing users with meeting agendas complete with topics, discussion points, and action items. To get started it's as simple as typing the meeting topic inside quotations, adding or expanding on any of the prompts to generate an agenda, clicking the arrow to expand your options, and selecting “insert” to leverage the agenda or “regenerate” to start from scratch. If you need additional support, Taskade has Taskade AI, a meeting assistant that can assist with providing answers to complex questions, or help with writing, organizing, or summarizing longform content. 



3. Onboard

Onboard is a meeting agenda generator that makes it quick and easy to build comprehensive meetings agendas. Marketed as one of the fastest meeting creation tools, this agenda and meeting builder provides drag and drop solutions with templates, cloning capabilities, document organization, and decision-tracking. Not only can you build comprehensive meeting agendas in a matter of minutes, but you can also build board books. 



Best Practices for Implementing AI in Your Meetings

1. Define Your Goals and Objectives 

The first step to integrating AI into your meetings is defining your goals and objectives. Taking the time to get clear on your goals and objectives will ensure you choose a tool that supports your objectives. Failing to understand your why from the get-go may result in a costly venture that doesn’t yield results. Additionally, clearly articulating your goals and objectives will help achieve buy-in from your teammates. If they understand why you want to leverage AI, they will be more inclined to adapt and learn the technology. If they don’t understand the end goal, it will be difficult to get them on board. 


2. Choose The Appropriate AI Tools

After you’ve taken the time to define your goals and objectives, you can select a tool that helps you move the needle. Taking your goals and objectives into consideration will ensure you choose a tool with the appropriate features and functions. In addition to searching for features like sentiment analysis, meeting note taking and transcription, AI meeting agenda and creation, and more, it's important to make sure you transition. choose a tool that is easy to use and integrates seamlessly with your current tech stack. This will help avoid aversions while prompting a seamless transition. 


3. Provide Training and Support 

You can't expect your teammates to embrace new technology if you don’t first take the time to provide appropriate training. Providing your teammates with training and support will ensure they know how to use the new technology. It's important to offer training sessions or provide tutorials in order to make sure employees feel comfortable using AI during meetings. It's equally as important to provide ongoing support so your teammates know they can seek guidance should they have any questions. Failing to provide support may result in a lack of adoption, and a poor ROI. 


4. Test and Iterate 

It’s important to note that the first tool you choose may not stick. You will have to experiment and make iterations before you find the best solution for you and your teammates. Make sure to gather feedback from your team and refine your AI implementation strategy for the best results. You must remember that technology is always changing and the AI solution you choose today may not benefit your team tomorrow. This mindset will help you make informed decisions about upgrading or expanding your use of AI in meetings. 


Are you ready to leverage AI generated meeting agendas? 

AI generated meeting agendas are the key to leveling up your meetings. To get started, it's as simple as defining your goals and objectives, and conducting your research based on these parameters. After you’ve selected the perfect tool, you can get to work on training and onboarding your teammates. If you aren’t sure where to start, make sure to reference this article when it comes time to make a decision. Don’t forget to check out the MeetingNotes blog for more meeting hacks and productivity tips! 



  1. Should I use an AI meeting manager? 

Determining whether or not to leverage an AI meeting manager will largely depend on your unique circumstances however, if you're looking to boost meeting productivity and efficiency, we highly recommend it. Considerations include your meeting frequency and complexity, budget and resources, ease of integration, security and privacy concerns, and employee adoption and training. 


  1. Are AI generated meeting agendas worth it? 

AI generated meeting agendas are absolutely worth it and offer a number of significant benefits including saving time, energy, and resources, boosting collaboration and meeting productivity, and unlocking data-driven insights that can shape the future of your meetings. 


  1. How can I use AI to create a meeting agenda? 

Creating a meeting agenda with AI is quick and easy! Simply select your tool of choice and the AI will do the work for you! You can officially say goodbye to sourcing templates, manually filling out each section of the meeting agenda, and stressing over important details because AI will be doing all the work for you. 


  1. How do I choose the right AI meeting manager for my team? 

Choosing the right AI meeting manager for your team will largely come down to your unique needs. Starting out by listing your goals and objectives will ensure you’ve chosen a tool that helps you move the needle. While selecting a tool with limited functionality is easy, we recommend choosing a meeting manager that will help you manage the meeting lifecycle in its entirety, like Fellow. 


  1. How can I use an AI meeting manager to boost meeting productivity? 

AI meeting managers can be used to boost productivity by streamlining a number of administrative tasks including automated scheduling, agenda creation, automated transcriptions and notetaking, timekeeping and agenda adherence, engagement analysis, post-meeting summaries and action items, dynamic meeting adjustments, and integration with project management tools. 

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