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Talia Goldberg
Bessemer Venture Partners


  • Founding story and insights
  • Overview of key team members

Business Overview

  • Market size and dynamics
  • Product overview: why is it 10x better?  
  • Where does it go from here?
  • Go-to-market: what is the distribution and customer acquisition model?
  • Why will you succeed?


  • Market size and dynamics
  • Key growth or financial metrics, KPIs
  • Customers  
  • Cash burn, runway

Competitive landscape

  • Competitor #1
  • Competitor #2
  • How is the company differentiated, why will it win, or what makes it 10x better?

Funding history

  • Capital raised to date, main investors, date of last financing
  • Fundraising plans

Next steps

  • Follow up plan

How to use this template

Raising capital is one of the most important and often challenging parts of building a venture-backed business. In just a few short meetings, you need to convey the size of the opportunity, your success to date, and what the future may look like for your business.

This is a template for that initial meeting - the pitch. It outlines the key pieces of information you should include to give the potential investor the full picture of what you're building, where you're at, and where you plan to be.

Many people prepare a slide deck to deliver this information succinctly too, but at a minimum make sure to cover these details to pique the interest of some of Silicon Valley's best investors.

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