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Team Review

Share updates on overall progress, key metrics, and anecdotes to give your team an up-to-date understanding of current initiatives.

Individual Updates

Allow each team member to briefly share what they've been working on. This includes progress, obstacles, achievements, and any other information that would be valuable for the team.

Positive Highlights

Acknowledge big wins and milestones accomplished since the last weekly meeting. What valuable lessons were learned?

Roadblocks & Concerns

Have any issues or challenges come up since the last weekly meeting? Are there any particular problems a team member is stuck on? How can we help solve them?

New Information

Are there any new metrics, trends, customer feedback, or market influences we should be aware of? What about company announcements or industry news? Share any resources that would help the team understand these concepts better.

Other Important Notes

Summarize any other valuable information that was shared. It does not have to be directly related to the weekly meeting agenda.

Upcoming Priorities

What are the main priorities we should focus on for next week? How are we planning to approach these? What does success look like?

Main Takeaways

What were the main insights from this weekly meeting? Include key decisions made, progress reports, and any opportunities, issues, or concerns that should be shared with colleagues.


List all key stakeholders not present and other departments that this information should be shared with.

Take Action

Clarify next steps for the entire team as well as each individual. Note who's completing them, and when they should be done by. You can assign these tasks from this template.

How to use this template

Each new week brings new challenges. And weekly remote team meetings are where your team transforms these virtual obstacles into virtual opportunities.

Regular weekly catch-ups are a key component to long-term success. But maximizing their value depends on how you hold them. Keep your team on the same page and accomplish objectives more efficiently with our weekly meeting template.

This meeting note template has three main ingredients to ensure your team is ready to take on the upcoming week:


Far too many team catch-ups languish due to disorganization and disengagement. No matter what department you're in, this customizable weekly meeting template can be tailored to accommodate your needs. Adapt it to fit your agenda and allow your team to focus on solutions instead of just status updates.


A team that communicates is a team that works well. Avoid being blindsided by missed priorities and poor KPIs with this meeting note template's sharing and centralization capabilities. Your entire team can access this outline anytime. This allows them to stay aligned with what's important, even if they can't attend the meeting.


This weekly meeting template doesn't only let you take notes—it lets you take action! And nothing catalyzes this more than accountability. With this outline, you can transform your notes into actionable and assignable items in your team's favorite workflow tools. So they can use what works best for them. And you can always get the best results.

Say goodbye to wasted time and say hello to unparalleled progress with this weekly meeting template.

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