Product Team Meeting

Transform your weekly product team meeting into an engine for innovation and improvement

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Quick Review

Share updates on progress, key metrics, and anecdotes to gain an up-to-date, accurate understanding of current product endeavors.

Positive Highlights

What milestones have we accomplished since our last product team meeting? What valuable lessons were learned?

Roadblocks & Concerns

Have any issues or challenges come up since the last catch-up? How can we help solve them?

New Information

Is there any other new information we should consider? Are there any new metrics, trends, customer feedback, or market influences we should be aware of?

Upcoming Priorities

What's coming up? Moving forward, what features, releases, goals, or fixes are we focusing on? How are we planning to approach these?

Main Takeaways

What were the main insights from this product team meeting? Include key decisions made, progress reports, and any opportunities, issues, or concerns that should be shared with key stakeholders.

Take Action

Clarify next steps, who's completing them, and when they should be done by. Note this information here to share and assign.

How to use this template

The fate of a company is often determined by how well its product team works. But what makes a product team work well? Meetings. Teams who consistently hold effective meetings are much more likely to succeed. With our product team meeting template, you can turn your weekly catch-ups into an engine for improvement and innovation.

This meeting note template provides all the ingredients your team needs to get things done:

  • Alignment
  • Collaboration
  • Execution

Our product team meeting template functions as a flexible framework for you to adapt to your needs. It lets you get a high-level overview of progress as well a deeper understanding of important details. Whether you're focusing on OKRs, generating ideas for solutions, or analyzing customer feedback, simply customize this outline to attain a clear vision and strategy for what matters most.

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