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  1. What are your highlights since our last One-on-One?
  2. What could be improved?
  3. On a scale of 1-10, how fulfilled are you with your work?
  • What makes you feel that 👆 way?

Next steps:

  1. How can we get you closer to 10/10?
  2. What are your top goals before our next One-on-One?

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How to use this template

One-on-one meetings are unlike any other. They're a special opportunity for managers to connect with their team and create resilient relationships. When done correctly, one-on-ones enable hardworking, engaged employees to reach their full potential. Help your team members reach theirs with our one-on-one template.

For many business leaders, one-on-one meetings are the most important meetings they have. But many managers waste them due to a lack of structure, alignment, and action. With simplicity, transparency, and engagement, this meeting note template lets you make the most of every one-on-one.

We've created a one-on-one template that grows alongside your meetings. Consistency is key to running successful one-on-ones. Unfortunately, agendas can change from meeting to meeting. With this flexible meeting note template, you can start now and iterate as you go. This allows you to establish continuity between meetings, which is the secret to continuous improvement.

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