One-on-One: Goal Setting 1:1

Create an aligned roadmap for success with your team member using this sample agenda

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Big Picture

Where do you see your career going in the short/long-term? 

Career Growth — Organizational Mandates Alignment 

Where do the organization’s mandates most closely align with your career goals? Discuss how [the direct report’s] job function fits into organizational goals.

Goal-Setting Part 1 - Aspirational

Brainstorm measurable, meaningful short and long-term career goals

Goal-Setting Part 2 - Actionable

Brainstorm measurable, meaningful short and long-term goals to create stepping stones towards achieving specific organizational mandates.


Do we need solo time to build on this? Should we review our goals again? When will we connect again to measure progress? 

How to use this template

Goal-setting one-on-ones between employees and managers take many forms. At a high level, you should be looking to create a roadmap for the future. How far in the future you set goals may vary but this template encourages thinking about goals in two parts: short-term and actionable and long-term and aspirational. 

Short-term goals create specific steps. Ideally, once these goals are set, it’s easy for both manager and employee to monitor progress. A useful mental model for this kind of goal-setting is the SMART goals framework.

Long-term goals provide a vision. They may not be precisely quantifiable but they do provide—at minimum—a qualitative baseline. In other words, when these goals are set, the manager and employee can look back on them later to get a sense of whether things are trending in the right direction.

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