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Conducting leadership meetings can be challenging. From facilitating impactful conversations to staying on top of pressing to-dos, fostering accountability and organizational alignment can be nearly impossible without a Level 10 Meeting template.

The Level 10 Meeting is a concept that was introduced in the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS), which is a framework designed to help businesses achieve their goals and operate more efficiently. The purpose of the Level 10 Meeting is to provide a structured and effective way for leadership teams to meet on a regular basis to discuss key issues, solve problems, and ensure alignment towards the organization's vision and goals.


The Level 10 Meeting serves as a powerful tool for increasing organizational alignment, problem-solving, and accountability, helping businesses to operate more efficiently and achieve their goals. To host productive team meetings, it's important to follow a Level 10 Meeting template. 


What is a Level 10 Meeting?

The Level 10 Meeting is a core element in the EOS, a set of tools and principles that help guide entrepreneurs in running their businesses. EOS focuses on the six key components of every business: vision, people, data, issues, process, and traction. The Level 10 Meeting was designed specifically for leadership teams to run more productive meetings. With so many high-level decisions to make and issues to solve, the Level 10 Meeting helps leaders stay on track with productive recurring touch points every week.

Following a Level 10 Meeting template helps streamline meeting processes, foster alignment, and accountability, and ensure that meetings are as productive as possible. Wondering How to run a Level 10 meeting? Keep reading! 


The Benefits of Implementing a Level 10 Meeting Template

  • Enhanced Clarity
  • Strategic Planning
  • Actionable Insights
  • Efficient Use of Time
  • Increased Engagement
  • Increased Transparency
  • Enhanced Team Morale
  • Improved Accountability
  • Alignment Across Teams
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Enhanced Decision-Making


Key Components of a Level 10 Meeting Template

A level 10 meeting template starts with 25 minutes that is dedicated to reporting and updates. The remainder of the meeting is then spent identifying and solving pressing issues.

Here is a breakdown: 

Check-in (5 minutes)

This section of the level 10 meeting template is where you will take the time to check in with your team. While the EOS meeting template is rigid, it's important to use this time to share some good news and start your meeting off strong. 


Scorecard (5 minutes)

This section of the EOS meeting template is where your team will discuss 3-5 metrics that pass the “beach test.” The beach test is the idea that if you’re on a beach vacation and these metrics are off track, you’d fly home to fix it.


Rock updates (5 minutes)

The next section of the level 10 meeting template is Rock updates. Rocks are projects that will take up a full quarter’s worth of work. If a rock is off track, add it to the issues portion of the agenda to tackle in that section. At this point in the meeting, you’re solely focused on getting through updates. 


Client/employee headlines (5 minutes)

This section of the level 10 meeting template is where you and your teammates will cover any high-level highlights. These headlines should be one-sentence updates so that everyone can stay up to date on what’s happening. Remember, it's important to share both good and bad news. 


To-do list (5 minutes)

The next section of the EOS meeting template is the to-do list. This is where you and your teammates can run through any to-dos, making note of tasks that are finished, in-progress, or blocked. Items on your to-do list are 7-day action items, which means you should be able to cross out most of the to-dos from the prior meeting. 


Issues list (60 minutes)

This section of the level 10 meeting template is where you and your teammates will dive into the details. This is where you and your teammates will identify any outstanding issues and work as a collective to brainstorm and problem solve. If issues are on the agenda for more than a few weeks, drop them to a long-term list to be discussed on a quarterly basis.


Wrap up (5 minutes)

This is the final stretch of the EOS meeting template! 5 minutes before the end time take some time to review the to-do list and next steps from your meeting, discuss any cascading messages that must be communicated to the rest of the team, and rate your meeting. The ideal rating is 8 or higher. If it’s lower, consider seeking feedback to make future improvements. 


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