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Job interview template to help you hire top-notch talent

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General Information

Background about position and candidate.

Role Details

What key responsibilities, requirements, and skills do you want to verify during this job interview?

Relevant Experience

What previous roles, achievements, or anecdotes make this job candidate qualified for this role?

Relevant Qualifications / Training

What relevant degrees, diplomas, certifications, or training does the job applicant have?

Level of Preparation

How prepared was the applicant for the job interview? This is a great indicator of their interest level in the role.

Career Goals

Where does the job candidate see themselves in a few years? How does this role support their vision?

Attitude / Motivation

What did you think of the candidate's attitude towards the role? Is it conducive to succeeding in this position?

Communication / Listening Skills

How were the candidate's written and verbal communication skills? Did they listen? What percentage of time did they speak vs listen?

General Interest in Company / Role

From 1-5, rate the job candidate's interest in the company and role. Are they excited by the opportunity? Does it align with their career goals?

Cultural Fit

How would the candidate fit in with our culture? Are they someone our team would enjoy working with?

General Screening Questions

Include other general questions you'd like to ask as well as candidate responses here.


Do you recommend we proceed with this candidate?

How to use this template

Talent acquisition can be tough. Your team is your most important investment—no other factor determines the success of your business more. So, no pressure, right? Streamline the assembly of a top-notch team with our simple yet powerful job interview template.

Running a high-quality recruitment process relies on how you conduct candidate interviews. In turn, this depends on three factors:

  1. Asking the right job interview questions
  2. Having a framework for consistently comparing job candidates
  3. Including other team members in the hiring process

Whether you're a small startup searching for the right team members to help you disrupt an industry or you're an enterprise running a high-velocity recruitment process to fill hundreds of job openings, this flexible meeting note template allows you to seamlessly manage all three steps without compromising on quality.

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