HR Performance Review

Let's improve! Sample meeting agenda for managing the performance of your employees

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General Assessment

What’s going well; what isn’t? Answer these questions from both the employee’s and the organization’s perspective.

Job Performance

Is the employee meeting defined criteria for performance/fulfilling requirements for the job? 

Job Behavior 

How is this employee contributing to the company’s core values in their attitude and work? How could they improve?

Performance & Behavior Feedback

How could the employee improve their performance and/or behavior? Offer solutions as well as soliciting solutions from the individual.


How will we track progress? Do we need to check in again? If so, when?

How to use this template

When using any performance review agenda, it’s helpful to think within the framework of the Performance Management Cycle. This cycle informs the entire process of managing the performance of your employees and consists of four stages: planning, monitoring, developing, and rating and rewarding. 

It’s in the performance review that you can monitor progress against goals, provide feedback, recognize good performance, or all of the above. So the performance review meeting may occur in two of the four stages of the performance management cycle: monitoring or rating and rewarding.

This agenda template was created for performance review used in either of these stages. In other words, it works regardless of the stage in which your performance review meeting occurs.

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