Customer Discovery Call

Identify opportunities with new customers and capture learnings

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Fred Melanson
Founder and CEO

🎯 Learning goals

  • What makes the person/company lose opportunities? How many/times? How? Why?
  • What's making them lose time on a daily basis?  
  • What does their workflow look like? Internal structure? 

💬 More info

Include additional information and background about the customer if relevant

🔮 Magic wand 

Ask the customer what he wishes existed to solve the problem mentioned in the call. Why?

💻 Workflow tools

Document any notable tools or software that the customer relies on 

⭐ Next steps and commitments

Conclude note with next action items and any commitments made to the customer

Glossary for Emojis in notes

  • :) = Excited
  • :( = Angry
  • ⚡ = Pain point
  •  🥅 = Goal with solution
  • [x] = Obstacle
  • ⤴️ = Workaround
  • ✅ = Feature request/needed
  • 💲 = Budget 
  • 👤 = Key contact mentioned
  • ⭐ = Next steps/commitment (time, reputation or money)

How to use this template for your next 

Customer Discovery Call

Connecting with new potential customers is the name of the game. How do you effectively identify these opportunities and capture all the learnings from your meeting?

Fed Melanson, Founder & CEO of Bliinx has a proven approach to address this question with his customer discovery call. Luckily, now you can use it as well.

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