Use “Asynchronous Communication” in a Sentence

11 Examples of using asynchronous communication in a sentence.

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December 6, 2023

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"Asynchronous communication" refers to communication where a delay is involved between when you send out a message and when you receive a reply.

For example, if someone sent an email to their boss asking for time off work but didn't get a response until after they had already left, this would be an example of asynchronous communication.

Asynchronous is used to describe anywhere from a few seconds to many years between the initial broadcast and response. Synchronous means immediate or simultaneous (two things occurring at the same time). So synchronous communication is direct; no delay.

11 Examples of using "asynchronous communication" in a sentence:

1. Asynchronous communication is a great way for people to stay in touch when they aren't in the same time zone.

2. The Internet provides effective asynchronous communication between family members dispersed across the country.

3. Email is an example of asynchronous communication because you can respond when it's convenient for you, not when someone else tells you to.

4. Because asynchronous communication is not in real-time, it is considered more appropriate for business and educational settings.

5.  Asynchronous communication offers the benefit of allowing people to communicate with several colleagues at once.

6. Asynchronous communication is often used in the education and publishing industries.

7. What is so great about asynchronous communication? It saves time!

8. In some cases, "asynchronous communication" refers to something like a chat room, which can also be used for real-time conversations.

9. Synchronous and asynchronous communication each have their benefits and downsides. It just depends on what you're using it for.

10. Asynchronous communication is a valuable tool for increasing productivity and promoting efficiency.

11. Asynchronous communication is, by its very nature, impersonal and can lead to misunderstandings.


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