Use “Synchronous Communication” in a Sentence

10 Examples of using synchronous communication in a sentence.

The Meetingnotes Team
December 6, 2023

Similar words to synchronous communication:

  • Asynchronous communication
  • Synchronous
  • Asynchronous
  • Nonsynchronous
  • Mass communication

10 Examples of using synchronous communication in a sentence:

1. Synchronous communication happens in real-time.

2. Learning from synchronous communication is effective because it allows people to explore topics through writing and talking.

3. Even though synchronous communication takes place at the same time, it can happen from different locations.

4. When someone sends you a question over Slack and you reply immediately, that’s an example of synchronous communication.

5. Synchronous communication includes face-to-face conversations.

6. As technology has evolved, synchronous communication has become more and more available in virtual channels.

7. Synchronous communication is characterized by the fact that is immediately reaches all communicators who can then immediately react.

8. With more organizations implementing flexible work schedules and hybrid workplaces, focusing only on synchronous communication can lead to ineffective communication across the board

9. Synchronous communication, which is the antithesis of asynchronous communication, refers to real-time and all-the-time communication.

10. An in-person meeting, a phone call, a video conference on Zoom, or a chat over coffee are all examples of synchronous communication.

10 Examples of using synchronous communication to refer to networking technology:

1. The term synchronous communication, or synchronous transmission, is used to describe a continuous and consistent timed transfer of data blocks

2. In synchronous communications, data is not sent in individual bytes, but as frames of large data blocks.

3. Synchronous communications protocols include Binary Synchronous Communication (BSC), Synchronous Data Link Control (SDLC), and High-Level Data Link Control (HDLC).

4. Binary Synchronous Communication (BSC) is a famous oriented data link protocol produced by computer hardware company IBM.

5. Binary Synchronous Communication (BSC or Bisync) replaced the synchronous transmit-receive (STR) protocol used with second generation computers.

6. Synchronous communication relies on the presence of a synchronized clocking system at both ends of the transmission.

7. Synchronous communication is usually much more efficient in its use of bandwidth than asynchronous communication because more data can be transmitted without the use of control and error bits.

8. In synchronous communication, a unique 8-bit pattern indicates the start of the clock.

9. Synchronous communication is used over digital lines and can achieve much higher data rates than asynchronous communication, which is typically used over analog telephone lines.

10. Early synchronous communication protocols were byte-oriented protocols, where synchronization was maintained by transmitting a sequence of synchronous idle characters when the line was not actively transmitting data or transparently within a long transmission block.

11. The Serial Driver does not support synchronous communication protocols.


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