How To Send Your Meeting Availability in an Email

Avoid critical mistakes, such as forgetting to include a time zone, which can lead to meeting mishaps and missed calls.

The Meetingnotes Team
December 22, 2023

Time is precious.

If you want to meet with someone, proactively sharing your availability in an email helps you quickly get a meeting on the books without having to wait for them to suggest a time.

It makes it less likely that meetings are offered for times when you're not available. And you can also avoid accidental double bookings by including your availability in an email message rather than waiting for someone to suggest a time.

Using a booking link from a meeting scheduling tool is one way to share when you're available for meetings, but some people prefer just to list out available times for a meeting.

However, there are a few critical mistakes that many people make when including times, such as forgetting to include their time zone, which can lead to meeting mishaps and missed calls.

Tips for sharing meeting availability in an email

With all this in mind, here's a step-by-step guide on emailing out your meeting availability:

  • Include a sentence or two about what will happen in the meeting if you're hosting
  • Say how long the meeting should last (30 minutes, 1 hour, etc...)
  • Select 3-5 times when you're available across 1-3 different days as well as parts of the day (morning, afternoon) if possible
  • Alternately, you can list a block of time, such as 1 pm-3 pm
  • Include your time zone and consider whether your proposed times work with the other person's time zone
  • Ask for their availability if none of the times listed work
  • Don't forget if you've offered these meeting times to avoid scheduling other meetings on them until you hear back

Meeting scheduling email template

Here's an example email for sending meeting availability:

I'd love to sync up over our co-marketing strategy. Here are a few times that work for me for a 30-minute call:
- Thurs: 10-10:30 am, 1-3 pm
- Fri: 1-3 pm

All times are in Pacific time (GMT-7).

If none of these work for you, next week I have much better availability. Please feel free to suggest something for next week Mon-Wed.

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