Google Meet AI Note-Taker: 8 Tools to Streamline Your Meetings and Boost Productivity

Discover how AI-powered note-taking tools can revolutionize your Google Meet experience.

The Meetingnotes Team
February 2, 2024

In light of organizations around the world embracing remote work, Google Meet has become a popular video conferencing solution, allowing teams to connect and collaborate regardless of geographical barriers. To enhance meeting efficiency and improve meeting productivity, consumers continue to seek meeting solutions.

Thus, the hunt for the best Google Meet AI note-taker. Keep reading to unlock the best Google Meet AI note-taker tools! 


Best Google Meet AI Note-Taker Tools

1. Fellow Google Meet Integration

Fellow is the top-rated meeting management app that connects to your calendar and helps your team build great meeting habits, making it easy to collaborate on agendas, share meeting notes, document action items, and more! Finding your meeting agendas amongst a million browser tabs can be a productivity nightmare.

With Fellow’s browser extension, meeting notes are easily accessible right within Google Meet. It's as simple as showing up to your meeting and accessing your meeting agenda- all within the same window! The Google Meet extension adds an intuitive overlay to your video calls, making it easy to write meeting notes without losing human connection.

The overlay is moveable and resizable so you can make sure that no faces get blocked. The best part? Everyone in the meeting can add to and edit the agenda to ensure nothing is missed so everyone is aligned and there’s always a single source of truth. 


G2: 4.7/ 5

G2 User Review:

“I have yet to find a better meeting management tool. Its fantastic features show the user centric approach that was taken to build this great product. Features like having the ability to write yourself private notes ahead of the meetings so that you don't forget what it is that you need to discuss is great. Having a well-functioning tool that can be used in real-time to coordinate meeting details, talking points, take notes, action items and yet be fully customizable is simply perfect to run any meeting, no matter the level of sophistication of that meeting. Its integrations and new AI capabilities are great and just make it more awesome.” 


2. Read Notetaker Add-on for Google Meet

Read AI is a meeting notetaker for Google Meet that captures smart, collaborative meeting notes in Google Meet for free. In addition to capturing comprehensive Meeting Notes during your Google Meet meetings, Read Notetaker organizes your meeting notes, topics, action items, and questions in one document. Making your meeting content easy to reference and share. In-meeting collaboration has never been easier!

Additionally, Read provides learnings from past meetings and recommendations when it comes time to schedule your next meeting, taking the guesswork out of scheduling. 

Read Notetaker

 G2: 4.3/ 5

G2 User Review:

“I have a tough time taking notes in meetings that I am super engaged in, so this is an absolute lifesaver for me. I love that I can easily look back in meetings and that it automatically adds to my zoom calls.”

3. Google Meet Integration

With the Google Meet integration, you can record, transcribe, and search Google Meet sessions in a matter of seconds. To get started, it's as simple as inviting the notetaker assistant to join your meetings. If you forget to add Fred, the assistant as a participant on your calendar invite or don’t have autojoin enabled, you can still add to your Google Meet meeting by selecting the invite button within Google Meet, followed by “Choose Email”. From there, you can add to your meeting, and they will begin taking notes!

This is an excellent resource if you're looking for an automatic note taker that enables you and your teammates to interact and engage without needing to worry about note taking.

G2: 4.7/ 5

G2 User Review:

“I am a huge fan of, this program has enhanced my meeting participation 100%. I attend a lot of virtual meetings, often one behind the other, sometimes 8-12 a day and great notetaking was an issue until I discovered the ease of using this amazing service. Now I can fully focus my attention without worrying about capturing information in handwritten note form. This app allows me to just jot down one-word notations and then quickly find the information needed later. I teach classes online and this is perfect for referring back to questions or information shared without taking the time to make notes. I know that it's capturing the entire meeting, the information will be available and now I just file it appropriately for reference!! It is helping me go paperless, which is a huge benefit due to travel, conferences, and work balance.”


4. Supernormal Google Meet Integration

Supernormal is a Google Meet integration that empowers users to spend less time writing and polishing notes and more time focusing on high-value tasks. Supernormal works like any notetaker, joining your meetings automatically and capturing detailed meeting notes so you can ensure key points are accounted for and action items are tracked. You can even create customizable templates that fit your personal style of note taking. 



 G2: 4.4/ 5

G2 User Review:

“Performs well and captures everything I need in a way that is organized. It even creates a to-do list and assigns tasks to meeting participants. I've enjoyed it far more than when I was paying for, and this is free!”

5. Krisp

Looking for an automatic meeting note solution that captures meeting notes during your Google Meet sessions? Krisp is an AI-powered meeting assistant that helps users maximize their time with AI-powered noise cancellation, transcriptions, and meeting notes. Unlike other Google Meet AI note-taker solutions, Krisp acts as a smart layer between your device and any online communication solution to eliminate background noise, and ensure transcriptions are as accurate as possible.

 G2: 4.8/ 5

G2 User Review:

“It really helps with calls when you're in a noise-unpredictable environment. I was living with someone who talked loudly, and it would be incredibly embarrassing to hear her voice over my call to clients. Now, I live with someone who needs to do everyday things that make noise. I've got lawnmowers and leaf blowers outside my place every day, and all of that doesn't faze me at all with Krisp.”

6. Tactiq

Taking meeting notes during Google Meet sessions can be difficult, especially if you're trying to pay attention to the meeting. Luckily, AI transcription tools make it possible to foster collaboration and connectivity by eliminating the need to capture meeting notes. Improving meeting efficiency is as simple as installing Tactic for free on Google Chrome.

Tactic will automatically join your Google Meet sessions and get to work capturing the most important information from your meetings. 



G2: 4.4/ 5

G2 User Review:

“Tactiq has an incredible yet simple function that stores and uses AI to summarize meetings from many different online meeting platforms like Google, Microsoft and Zoom.”


7. Grain

Grain is an AI transcription and meeting recording tool that automates note taking, and record keeping. There are two ways that you implement Google meet AI transcription solutions with Grain. You can invite Grain to your meeting and let the AI transcription software transcribe and summarize your Google Meet session, or you can annotate and clip key moments during your meeting using Grain’s desktop app.

To streamline meeting efficiency and ensure everyone is on the same page when your meeting ends, you can access and distribute an AI-generated meeting summary and a list of key takeaways and action items as soon as your Google Meet session finishes. 




G2: 4.6/ 5

G2 User Review:

“Grain has become essential software for running my business as a Solopreneur. It feels as if I have a team that joins me in the meetings and takes care of writing specific to-dos, summarizing discussions, pointing out key moments, and ensuring every moment is transcribed. I also love that I can have my AI recorded join into meetings that I cannot join personally. Impressive feature and has saved me a lot of time. On top of this, having the ability to automate Grain with Zapier has been a huge time saver by automatically sending follow-up emails of the recordings to my clients.”

8. Rewatch

Rewatch is an AI-powered meeting productivity software solution that automatically records, transcribes, and summarizes your meetings. Rewatch's AI transcription software delivers automated recaps, summaries, and timestamped action items, so you can focus on the meeting and access a comprehensive document with all the details you need as soon as the meeting finishes. 


Rewatch AI

G2: 4.5/ 5

G2 User Review:

“Rewatch has a powerful speech-to-text tool that makes it easy to find essential parts of the video, as its search enables search by video content and metadata. It also helps to organize and label videos, making it easy for users to find and get notified about new content. You can create your list of videos to watch later so you don't miss anything. I also love the AI summary that is provided so I can check the highlights of the video before watching it.”


Benefits of Using AI Note-Taker with Google Meet

  • Improved accuracy 
  • Optimized workflows 
  • Speaker identification 
  • Enhanced accessibility 
  • Real-time transcriptions 
  • Enhanced focus and engagement 
  • Facilitation of remote collaboration 
  • Efficient review and follow-up capabilities 


Addressing Concerns and Considerations

It's natural to be concerned when integrating new tools into your tech stack, especially if you aren’t familiar with how they work. Luckily, tools like Fellow take a proactive stance, ensuring your data is secure.

The Fellow meeting Copilot is a bot that joins your video conferencing link to record the meeting. The audio from the recording is then sent to our transcription provider (Deepgram) which then produces a transcript from the recording. Fellow then takes the transcript, processes it into a usable format, with timestamps and speaker labels, and produces a summary of the call.

Fellow takes great care in choosing its vendors, and we ensure that the vendors we select are employing the highest security and privacy safeguards to keep your data safe. We do not send any more information to any vendors than minimally necessary in order to provide our services.


Best Practices for Optimizing AI Note-Taking with Google Meet

  • Use timestamps to make content retrieval a breeze
  • Leverage customizations to create unique experiences
  • Enable automatic transcription to ensure nothing gets missed
  • Utilize a Google Meet AI Note-taker with speaker identification 
  • Check your audio and host your Google Meet sessions in a quiet environment for an optimal recording 


Improve meeting productivity with a Google Meet AI Note-taker today 

Integrating AI-note-taking tools is an excellent way to enhance productivity and collaboration. If you aren’t sure where to start, reference this list and compare it to your organizational goals and objectives. Choosing AI-powered productivity tools that align with your objectives will ensure optimal results.

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