Best Google Calendar Extensions to Keep You Organized

Google Calendar is a handy tool for scheduling meetings and events, besides getting timely reminders to keep you on track with your plans. Moreover, with Google Calendar extensions and the added functionalities, managing your activities and your team has never been smooth.

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April 15, 2024

Google Calendar is a handy tool for scheduling meetings and events, besides getting timely reminders to keep you on track with your plans. Moreover, with Google Calendar extensions and the added functionalities, managing your activities and your team has never been smooth.

Ideally, Chrome extensions help customize your browser experience enabling you to get organized, collaborate with team members for better project management, and generally become more productive. Apparently, there are 130,000+ Chrome extensions, but over 85% have less than 1,000 users. According to Backlinko, only 1.79% of extensions have more than 100,000 users.

In other words, many Chrome users have not leveraged the benefits of the available extensions despite the powerful benefits. Mostly, this is because they don't know how to use them or are unaware of the available extensions at their disposal.

This article discusses the best Google Calendar extensions to help customize your browsing experience and keep you organized.

Best Chrome Extensions to Improve Your Productivity

Nothing slows productivity more than a cluttered workspace, with projects and activities demanding your attention. More often, when you have a bunch of unfinished tasks with no specified way of accomplishing them, you end up doing too little.

For instance, if you walked into a meeting with a dozen agendas and no timed schedule on how to handle them, you are likely to overstay or leave without exhausting the agendas.

Chrome extensions solve these inefficiencies, ensuring you get things done in an organized manner for improved productivity. Let's look at some of them;

1. Fellow: Meeting Notes, Agendas and 1-on-1s

Fellow's Chrome extension is designed to help you and your team run better, more productive meetings by

The extension allows you to access your meeting agenda directly from your Google Calendar or Google Meet call. This can help reduce the pre-meeting chaos of juggling multiple windows trying to find your meeting notes, the video call link, your task list, and that file that you can never seem to find. Instead, increase your meeting productivity with collaborative meeting agendas, recording record action items, and staying on top of due dates, all without leaving the tools that you already use

Key features include:

  • View and edit your meet agenda and action items directly from your Google Calendar and/or Google Meet call
  • Convenient side panel allows you to add discussion topics to your upcoming meetings and 1-on-1s without leaving your calendar
  • Automatically adds the link to the meeting notes directly in the calendar invite. This also makes it easy to find the notes after the fact
  • Visual indicators show which action items need to be completed before each meeting

Fellow has four pricing plans: free, Pro (starts at  $6 per user/month), Business, and Enterprise. Trying Fellow is easy, you'll have access to a 14-day free trial of Fellow Pro without providing credit card details.


2. Timely

The Timely extension allows you to easily add external events to your Timely event management software account. For instance, you can save and add events from Eventbrite for easy showcasing on your assets.

Timely Event Calendar Software powers your events, enabling you to increase your brand awareness. On the platform, you can create, manage, promote, and monetize your events all in one place. As a result, you get to engage your audience, boost your traffic, and build your community.

With the Timely Chrome extension, you can:

  • Conveniently create an event calendar for your website or mobile app
  • Create custom calendars that align with your brand without coding or web design skills
  • Save time by populating the calendar with recurring events
  • Easily Promote events by automatically sharing them from the Timely calendar dashboard

The tool has two pricing plans – free and premium – which cater to users at different levels. For instance, the free plan is ideal for beginners who don't require sophisticated software. In contrast, the premium plan supports all Timely solutions, including an event calendar, event ticketing, event booking, online school agenda, and online training.

3. Toggl Track

Toggl Track (formerly Toggl Button) is a time management solution that allows you to put a timer on your productivity tools for real-time tracking. This enables you to remain accountable to your calendar as you can easily follow through with your tasks and activities. Also, the tool allows you to view your entire day or workweek and identify gaps that require filling, thereby maximizing your productivity.

With over 5 million users ranging from freelancers and solo users to small and big teams, Toggl Track is loved for a good reason – it helps users boost productivity and profitability. Whether you want to be more efficient in employee time tracking, billing and invoicing, project budgeting, payroll, and reporting, Toggl tracking is built for that purpose.

Supporting multi-use – web apps, desktop, and mobile apps, you can track your time wherever you work. Once installed, the extension integrates with 100+ productivity tools, including Trello, Todoist, Slack, Asana, Google Calendar, ClickUp, and more. Besides, you can start using the tool right away with no technical expertise or even an instruction manual.

Toogl Track has four pricing plans – free (up to 5 users), starter ($9 per user/month), premium ($18), and Enterprise. If you want to use any paid plans, you can start with a 30-day free trial, and you don't have to provide your card details.

4. Workflowy to Google Calendar

Workflowy to Google Calendar enhances your Chrome experience by adding functionalities such as;

  • Events creation
  • Date search on the WorkFlowy bullet name
  • Page link addition
  • Reminder/notifications for Workflowy items and more

Ideally, Workflowy helps you stay organized in your projects and jobs by allowing you to;

  • Capture everything – Files and images, global search, mobile apps
  • Organize anything – Tags, Kanban board, live copy
  • Analyze deeply – Infinite nesting, expand and collapse, backlinks
  • Share instantly – No login editing, simple sharing permissions, quick-saving

Using Workflowy is free on the basic plan. Though you access all features in addition to community support and basic sharing options, the plan comes with a monthly bullet limit and a 100MB file upload cap.

However, you can unlock the limits with Workflowy Pro and enjoy unlimited functionalities, flexibility, and premium support. You can start using the pro plan with a 7-day free trial and then subscribe monthly for $4.99.

5. Event Merge

Event merge extension merges similar events across multiple Google Calendars into one event, thereby decluttering your calendar. If you have created the same event on your personal, work, and team's shared calendar, Event Merge combines them but retains color strips of the source calendars.

For instance, if the event color on the personal calendar is yellow and green on the work calendar, the event will appear as one under Event Merge, with alternating stripes of yellow and green.

6. Clockwise

With Clockwise extension, you can optimize your team's calendar to create more flexible schedules and save time. In other words, the tool allows you to rework your workday for a more sustainable and smarter schedule.

Some key features include;

  • Designing the day – The tool works around your most productive times by incorporating your preferences into the schedule. This enhances your efficiency as you get to work when you're most productive.
  • Making time together – Clockwise uses AI to move flexible meetings to the ideal time
  • Putting schedules on autopilot – The tool promotes team success by allowing you to create blocks of focus time (3+ hours) to suit different work needs (team collaboration or individual)
  • Smooth integration – Clockwise provides an enhanced user experience by integrating with other productivity tools such as Asana and Slack.

Clockwise features four pricing plans; free, pro, business, and enterprise. The free plan includes productivity tools, unlimited scheduling links, and 75 schedule assists per week. The pro plan goes for $6.75/month and includes unlimited schedule assists, advanced calendar controls, and priority besides the basic features.

The business plan has more advanced features in addition to pros and goes for $11.50 per month. And finally, the Enterprise plan provides the user with advanced privacy options and user provisioning in addition to the business plan features.


Google Calendar extensions enhance your Chrome experience, allowing you to stay organized and become more productive. However, despite the powerful benefits of extensions, most people do not use them, either because they are unaware of their availability or don't know how to use them. If you, too, haven't personalized your Chrome experience and are looking for Google Calendar extensions to keep you organized and improve your productivity, we hope this helps. This list of best chrome extensions will help you and your team cut back on inefficiencies and get better at what you do. From Fellow to Timely, Toggl Track, Workflowy, , Events Merge, and Clockwise, these extensions are powerful tools for transforming your chrome experience.

Meanwhile, don't forget there are meeting agenda softwares like Fellow to help you plan, collaborate, and work smarter to build a positive culture.

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