Weekly Sprint Meeting

Review priorities and assign backlog items for the upcoming sprint

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Rob Muise
Brute Strength Training

Last sprint

Celebrate what you achieved and discuss what wasn't completed.


The list of things we want to accomplish in this sprint.

Sprint goal for the week

Why are we implementing these backlog items?

Assign backlog items

What items/tickets is each person focusing on during this sprint?


Anything else to write down?

Links and Attachments

Documents and such that are referenced on the call.

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Weekly Sprint Meeting

Weekly sprint meetings serve as the cornerstone for many teams out there. They review previous work, dictate responsibilities for team members, and discuss priorities among the team.

This is the time each week that gives your team complete alignment on who is doing what. Everyone walks away knowing what tasks they own and what they can do to help everyone else succeed. Great teams know the value of weekly sprint meetings, and this template from Rob Muise and Brute Strength Training is a great example to use.

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