18-min Meeting

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Tope Awotona
CEO and Founder

Introductions and chit chat (2 mins)

Quick opportunity for the team to build rapport and break the ice.

Expectations and purpose (2 mins)

  • What are you looking to achieve in this meeting?
  • What is required from attendees?

Discussion points (10 mins)

  • Attendees to add any applicable discussion points here before the meeting.

Action items (3 min)

Each item should have a clear deliverable, date and person responsible. Which stakeholders will be affected and how will they be informed?

Required resources (1 mins)

  • Include a plan to get these resources in place too.

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How to use this template

Most adults can focus their attention and stay engaged for 10-18 minutes at a time. We all default to 30-minute meetings because of the way they fit nicely, back-to-back on our calendar. But then we get frustrated when we have no time to run to the restroom or we discover we've yet to drink our first cup of coffee.

The solution? Limit your meetings to 18 minutes. This will give you padding for the inevitable run over and still leave you time to take care of yourself and prepare for your next meeting.

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