What Meetings Reveal About Your Company Culture

Meetings are opportunities, they’re not just about satisfying an objective. Here's how to make your meetings 10X better.

The Meetingnotes Team
Last update:
February 5, 2024

Want to get a quick read on your company culture? Just look at your meetings. It’s all there: interpersonal relationships, power dynamics, team camaraderie. For many organizations, meetings are a reflection of the company’s broader processes and health. It’s no surprise, then, that the most effective teams have transformed meetings into a force for alignment, engagement, and efficiency.

At Hugo, we’ve seen this firsthand. After all, our company’s mission is to connect the way we work to the way we meet. And the more we work to change our meetings, the more we notice a positive effect in other aspects of how we work.

We hear the same thing from our partners and customers: better meetings can transform team culture. We call these “10X Meetings.”

The benefits of 10X Meetings

All good meetings have an objective. But viewing meetings only this way misses the bigger picture. You have a far greater opportunity on your hands. Just think: a meeting is the number one place for live, real-time interpersonal communication at work, a primary channel for debate and discussion.

10X Meetings strive to be the time and place where culture is demonstrated and set. They acknowledge that a meeting’s objective must be met, but it’s also an opportunity to strengthen team alignment, influence team culture, and demonstrate strong leadership. We call them 10X because of the disproportionate impact a meeting like this can have. Having the team together (physical or online) and focused on one objective provides the ultimate forum.

In other words, the benefits of 10X Meetings continue well past the end of the calendar event. And that’s because the culture has effectively been nurtured and practiced and agreed upon in the meeting room.

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