Take note, take action: the innovator’s guide to meeting notes

Think you know meeting notes? Think again. Savvy companies use them to foster transparency and innovation. We talk to Atlassian, who are defining the 'Future of Work' about how to use meeting notes for ultimate team performance.

The Meetingnotes Team
July 31, 2018

Meetings and meeting notes have gained a bad rap in recent years.

How many meetings have you attended this week? Where are the meeting takeaways now? How many people who weren’t in the room know what transpired? I bet these are some tough questions with less-than-ideal answers.

But there’s a new way of doing things. Forward-thinking organizations are tapping into the immense potential of meeting notes to transform their cultures, customer-centricity, and velocity. Is your company leveraging all it can from this overlooked process?

As we kick off our partnership with the team at Atlassian, we shared our learnings on Meetings 2.0. Read the full article here.

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