6 Meeting Minutes Apps for Microsoft Teams: Enhance Your Meeting Productivity

Discover the top meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams that will help you boost productivity and prioritize effective meeting management.

The Meetingnotes Team
January 26, 2024

In a world that largely embraces remote, or hybrid work, prioritizing effective meeting management is a must. Meetings set the groundwork for a successful team, providing organizations with the space necessary to connect, collaborate, share ideas, and make decisions. Hosting impactful meetings that create a space for connectivity starts with effective meeting management and the right meeting productivity tools and Microsoft Teams integrations will ensure every one of your meetings go off without a hitch. 


The Importance of Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes play a crucial role in documenting and preserving crucial details that arise during meetings. Not only will comprehensive meeting minutes serve as a reference point for past meetings and future conversations, but they will also help hold meeting participants accountable to their commitments. If meeting participants are aware their commitments are being documented, they will be more inclined to follow through. Additionally, meeting minutes act as a communication tool, especially for team members that couldn’t attend the meeting. By reading the meeting minutes, they will be able to get up to speed, ensuring everyone is on the same page and ready to work in tandem towards shared organizational goals. Because meeting minutes are so important, it's crucial to source meeting productivity tools that equip you with the resources necessary to capture, store, and distribute meeting notes. 


Top Meeting Minutes Apps for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is undoubtedly a solid communication tool, making it possible for distributed teams to connect, collaborate, and share ideas in one seamless platform. Despite the resounding benefits of Microsoft Teams, it's important to note that this platform was not built with meeting management in mind. While communication is seamless, additional functionality like capturing meeting minutes, and AI meeting support tends to fall short. Fortunately, there are several meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams that integrate seamlessly with Teams that will help you and your teammates practice effective meeting management. Keep reading to unlock a list of note-taking apps that you can integrate seamlessly with your Microsoft Teams account to capture comprehensive meeting minutes! 


1. Fellow

Unlike other meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams, Fellow offers a comprehensive meeting management solution, streamlining meeting management during every stage of the meeting lifecycle, including capturing comprehensive meeting minutes. If you're actively searching for a solution that will streamline your Microsoft Teams meeting experience, Fellow will allow you to enhance productivity by taking meeting minutes during your video calls and sending feedback requests all without leaving your chat app. 


If you’re struggling to foster accountability and spending more time balancing browser tabs during your video calls than connecting with your teammates, Fellow’s Microsoft Teams integration will help. Fellow’s Microsoft Teams integration allows you and your team to manage all things meetings without leaving Microsoft Teams and prompts meeting attendees to add talking points to the agenda and prepare for the meeting in advance – ensuring that your meetings start and end with clarity. 


Fellow best features:

  • Recurring meeting management that carries forward agendas and incomplete tasks for future follow-ups. 
  • A quick learning curve that allows users to start leveraging its features in just a few minutes after signing up. 
  • A comprehensive calendar system that makes it easy to manage both individual meetings and entire sets and series. 
  • A collaborative agenda system that allows all participants to add to the agenda, increasing ownership and meeting engagement.


Fellow pricing: 


Pro: $7/month per user (billed annually)

Business: $10/month per user

Enterprise: Contact directly for pricing


G2 Rating: 4.7/ 5


G2 User Review: “I love that it keeps track of agenda/notes/action items for each one of my clients in their own stream. I can keep up with what we talked about, what I need to do and what I need to follow-up on with them at our next meeting without having a bunch of sticky notes all over my desk. I use fellow every single day in my work, and it has made me much more detail oriented and focused.”



2. Beenote

While Microsoft Teams allows you to facilitate and host impactful remote meetings, it in and of itself does not allow users to capture comprehensive meeting notes. Luckily, meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams like Beenote make it possible to document your meetings with ease. To integrate Teams with Beenote, it's as simple as searching for “Beenote” in the Teams app store, adding it to your team, and getting started! 


As soon as you integrate Beenote with your Microsoft Teams account, you will be able to facilitate effective meeting management with a suite of tools that allow you to enhance your Teams meetings and improve governance and decision making. 


Beenote best features:

  • Collaborative meeting agendas that foster engagement and alignment. 
  • Advanced solutions for executive boards and committees to improve governance and decision making.  
  • Seamless integration with collaboration software like Microsoft Teams to streamline effective meeting management. 
  • Meeting notes, decisions, and action items compiled into comprehensive meeting minutes that are easy to share post-meeting. 


Beenote pricing: 

Beenote 1: $8.67/month for one user

Beenote 10: $4.60/month per user for up to 10 users

Beenote 30: $3/month per user for up to 30 users

Beeboard: $15/month per user

Enterprise: Contact for pricing


G2 Rating: 4.2/ 5


G2 User Review: “It is beneficial for tracking meetings, meeting recaps, and creating tasks depending on the summaries and meeting statistics. It also supports team collaboration.”



3. Evernote

No good meeting is complete without the right meeting productivity tools and Evernote is an effective meeting management tool that will help you bring your Microsoft Teams meetings to the next level. When browsing meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams, Evernote proves to be a solid choice, allowing users to access all meeting-related information directly from a chat thread, so you can provide more context during Teams meetings, turn ideas into action, and prioritize collaboration. 


Evernote best features:

  • Extensive list of meeting and meeting notes templates to prioritize effective meeting management. 
  • Easily search, retrieve, and share all saved content from conversations so everyone can work from the same information in real-time. 


Evernote pricing: 


Personal: $10.83/month per user

Professional: $14.17/month per user

Teams: $24.99/month per user


G2 Rating: 4.4/ 5


G2 User Review: “It keeps me organized and best thing is it has easy data entry through typing as well as recording of voice notes. Data can be stored, easily accessed, and edited. Searching documents is very accurate and fast.”



4. Tactiq

Have you been looking for meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams that will allow you to transcribe your meetings in real-time? Tactiq is a free online transcription tool that empowers users to capture, save, and distribute Microsoft Teams transcriptions in just a few clicks. With Tactiq, you can transcribe meetings, highlight text, mark up important details, and share transcripts with your team in just a few clicks. It's as simple as starting a meeting, watching your live transcript unfold, and sourcing exactly what you're looking for with enhanced search functionality. You can then share your transcripts with other meeting attendees via a link, Google docs, Slack, or their email address.


Tactiq best features:

  • 92% accuracy rate for meeting transcriptions. 
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, making it easy to prioritize meeting management. 
  • One of the most affordable meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams when compared to other Microsoft teams integrations on this list.


Tactiq pricing: 


Pro: $8/month

Business: $16/month


G2 Rating: 4.4/ 5


G2 User Review: “Tactiq has an incredible yet simple function that stores and uses AI to summarize meetings from many different online meeting platforms like Google, Microsoft and Zoom.”



5. ClickUp

Microsoft Teams integrations are the key to effective meeting management and ClickUp is on exception. Unlike other note-taking apps and collaboration software, ClickUp offers note-taking capabilities, meeting reminders, goal-tracking and follow-ups, scheduling support, and more, making it one of the most effective meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams. ClickUp works for every type of team, so all teams can use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate.


ClickUp best features:

  • A robust library of templates, making setting up your meeting minutes simple and straightforward. 
  • Task searching that makes it easy to find and attach a task right into your Microsoft Teams conversation.
  • Seamless integration with collaboration software like Microsoft Teams for effective meeting management. 
  • You can integrate your meeting minutes into your projects by linking them to tasks so they’re accessible to all stakeholders. 
  • Timely notifications directly within Your Microsoft Teams channel any time someone contributes to a Space, Folder, or List in ClickUp. 


ClickUp pricing:

Free Forever

Unlimited: $7/month per user

Business: $12/month per user

Enterprise: Contact for pricing

ClickUp AI is available on all paid plans for $5 per Workspace member per month


G2 Rating: 4.7/ 5


G2 User Review: “I simply love the clean and beautiful user interface. I am a seasoned Project Manager with more than 15 years of industry experience and implementing ClickUp is just like plug and play. I love the wide range of features that ClickUp provides and 24x7 customer support. Almost all useful apps can be integrated easily. I rate ClickUp way much better than the other software in the market.”



6. MeetingBooster

When browsing meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams, MeetingBooster poses many benefits, including saving organizations time that would otherwise be spent facilitating and hosting effective meetings. With MeetingBooster, teams can enjoy more productive meetings, clearer meeting agendas, and improved accountability with customizable meeting agendas, simplified note-taking, and professional meeting minutes. 


MeetingBooster best features:

  • Enhanced meeting analytics and feedback features to improve engagement. 
  • Automated meeting minutes editor that formats meeting notes into a standardized format.
  • In-meeting note cards for participants to keep track of discussions, questions, and key takeaways. 
  • Extensive agenda editor with templates and pre-meeting tasks to foster collaboration and accountability. 


MeetingBooster pricing: 

Contact directly for pricing


G2 Rating: 4.5/ 5


G2 User Review: “I love joining meetings with MeetingBooster because it helps me to talk with my team, make decisions, and take important meeting notes, all at the same time.” 



How Meeting Minutes Apps Enhance Productivity

Meeting minutes are the written record of what transpires during a meeting. They help keep track of discussions, decisions made, and tasks assigned to team members. Proper documentation of meetings is essential as it ensures that all attendees are on the same page and can refer to the meeting minutes for future reference. Whether you’re hosting one-on-ones, or team meetings, documenting them becomes increasingly crucial in a world where remote work and virtual meetings are the norm. Meeting minutes help maintain transparency and streamline work processes, fostering better communication and collaboration among team members.


The right meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams will do wonders for your productivity, allowing you to capture, organize, and share meeting information seamlessly. When choosing which productivity tools to integrate into your tech stack, remember to take the following considerations into account. You will want to choose meeting minutes apps for Microsoft Teams that: 

  • Are easily accessible 
  • Allow for version control 
  • Provide analytics and reporting 
  • Prioritize efficient documentation 
  • Have extensive search and retrieval capabilities 
  • Integrate seamlessly with your calendar and email 


Take your meetings to the next level with an all-encompassing meeting solution! 

Great meetings don’t start and end with meeting notes! Fellow is the only all-in-one AI meeting transcription and management software for remote and hybrid teams, making it possible for you to have fewer, more effective meetings and 1-on-1s with AI, behavior-driving features, and seamless integrations. With Fellow, you can stop wasting your time searching for meeting notes, action items, and status updates. Fellow integrates seamlessly into your meeting workflow with calendar and video conferencing integrations and desktop and mobile apps for easy access to everything meeting-related.


Fellow is the only meeting productivity solution that supports every stage of your meeting workflow from preparation to participation and follow up. Learn how you can use it today! 

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