The 33 Best Meeting Memes

Put your phone away, mute your microphone, and slip into your “meeting shirt.” It’s time to start this meeting of memes.

The Meetingnotes Team
March 17, 2021

What better way to pass the time during a boring meeting than with some killer memes?

Whether you’re looking for relatable content or a little self-deprecating humor to break the ice, we’ve gathered 34 of the best meeting memes we could find about pointless meetings.

No meeting is safe—we even included a selection of virtual meeting memes at the end! Put your phone away, mute your microphone, and slip into your “meeting shirt.”

It’s time to start this meeting of memes.

Wait, where is everyone?

1. When it’s meeting time, but no one’s entered the meeting room:

2. Did the person who scheduled the meeting even send an agenda?

3. For meetings that are nothing but performative:

4. When the boss asked everyone to brainstorm ahead of the meeting:

5. Why is the meeting calendar so packed???

6. Oh, it’s because these guys think meetings = productivity:

7. When you make the mistake of suggesting fewer meetings:

8. How we all feel about info-sharing and check-in meetings:

9. The day every single conference room is booked:

10. When you made the executive decision to skip the team meeting:

11. Who needs to sit next to friends in meetings when we have technology on our side?

12. “We just want to get everyone’s eyes on this project.”

13. Who schedules meetings before everyone’s had a chance to finish their coffee?

14. That moment something goes wrong, and you suddenly have the power to predict the future:

15. When meetings turn suspiciously torturous:

16. A little creative thinking goes a long way to lighten the workload in meetings:

17. Oops. The boss didn’t like that last one:

18. Can you blame us when meeting length rivals NHL overtimes?

19. The meeting email that lifts the weight of a thousand elephants from your shoulders:

20. It’s Monday and it’s mandatory? You’ve gotta be kidding us.

21. When you can’t even wait for other people’s meetings to end:

22. Let’s be honest, you’re not going to hear anyone’s introduction because you’ll be too busy thinking about your own:

23. Suddenly the staff meeting just got exciting:

24. Ah, yes, the best option for truly inspirational leaders!

25. Meeting time is up, but you’re still here. Chances are it’s because of that one person:

26. Real talk, though, some people really miss live meetings since we went remote:

27. But wow do those virtual meetings often start off awkward:

28. At least we can get away with a little more comfort during meetings at home:

29. Until someone stands up and ruins it for everyone:

30. If I could just live on mute for virtual meetings, that would be greaaaat:

31. Just put your back to a wall, Carl!

32. Are we having this meeting today?

33. Well, if no one’s going to show up to the meeting on time:

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