Over 90% of users say Hugo saves them time

But saving time is only the beginning. See what some of our 30,000+ customers said about how Hugo dramatically improved their meetings.

90% of users say Hugo saves them time

Learn how our users are...

Life's better because you're spending less time searching, fewer tools and you can get back to what you said quicker. That turns into alignment, value and speed.

Nate Thompson
Vation Ventures
More organized
More aligned
Saving time

Hugo saves me 30 minutes to an hour everyday – which is invaluable and something we as a business see as essential.

Chris Sheffield
Saving time

I'm just way more productive. I have a single place to go to know whether I'm prepared, see my meetings for the day and keep adding value to my meetings as things develop over the week. I now no longer scramble to get things done.

Greg Greetan
St. Norbert College
More prepared
More organized
Saving time

I'm enjoying our meeting life post-Hugo. I'm able to stay organized, prepare asynchronously and our meetings are much better run.

Rishi Bhayana
More organized
More prepared

The impact is the style and culture of our business. It's being accountable for how meetings take place. We see all of our management team preparing for meetings, having tasks well managed and that's complete success for us.

Alex Gonzalez
Pet Markt
Improving meeting culture
More prepared

Post Hugo, it's been night and day... Before Hugo, I couldn't find a product that would bring everything to a single point. That's where Hugo made a huge difference to me.

Aileen Jiménez
More organized
More aligned

Our meetings are shorter, more productive and more on point – in every way.

Chris Webb
More productive
Saving time
Improving meeting culture

Our team works cross-functionally and now has the ability to collaborate, track meetings and have a consistent framework for much more productive meetings.

Alexandra Perard
More prepared
More productive

We are absolutely in love with Hugo. Before everything was manual, reliant on memory and we didn't have transparency, organization and an easy way to onboard new hires.

Charline Laroche
Mino Games
Improving meeting culture
More organized
More aligned
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PlaySummer Stewart

After using Hugo it was really hard to imagine taking notes outside of Hugo again.

Summer Stewart
PlayMichelle Su

I felt like I came to Hugo meetings a lot more prepared and a lot less stressed. We've really kicked disorganization out of our meetings.

Michelle Su
PlayRomir Bosu

Hugo solves visibility, ensures we start and finish meetings on time, stick to an agenda and collaboratively prepare before the meeting.

Romir Bosu

Connect your calendar to your work apps in less than 2 minutes

  • Connect your calendar(s) to meeting notes and tasks
  • Streamline your meeting workflow
  • Search and filter to find notes in seconds
  • Integrate with 20+ tools including Slack and Salesforce
  • Assign tasks through Asana, Trello, Todoist, Jira and more
  • Use the Chrome extension for rapid meeting prep
  • Get 100+ customizable meeting templates
Run efficient meetings, come to a decision, and get back to work
Have productive meetings your team can be proud of with a clear meeting agenda for every event in your calendar.
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