Hugo's Referral Program: Everything you need to know

Thanks for sharing the love! We'll reward you each time you bring another team to Hugo.

The Hugo Team
The Hugo Team
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Hugo's Referral Program: Everything you need to know

We're so grateful for your love for Hugo. Everyday we power thousands of meetings for teams like yours, and it means the world to us when you tell others about Hugo. As a small token for your ambassadorship, we'll reward you when you bring friends to Hugo. This article explains how the program works, and what you need to know before you start shouting from the rooftops.

How to refer

Referring your friends to Hugo is easy! Just follow these three asy steps:

  1. In Hugo, navigate to your Profile by clicking your company name in the top left, and selecting 'Account Settings'. Or click here.
  2. You'll see your unique referral code, which you can copy or share via Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.
  3. Ask your friend to click your link to sign up, and you'll be rewarded! Just check out your Referrals count in the top right of this page to see how many referrals you've made to Hugo.

The rewards

So you've told everyone you know about Hugo, and the impact on your team's meeting culture. Now what? Get ready to receive some of these sweet rewards!

  • 10 referrals: You'll get your very own copy of 10X Culture, our book on teamwork, and Hugo sticker pack
  • 20 referrals: Look out for your Hugo swag pack, including a hat, water bottle and stickers
  • 50 referrals: You're basically part of the team. We'll send you a hoodie, t-shirt and all the swag we have, so you can look the part as you spruik better meetings
  • 75 referrals: We'll send you a set of Apple Airpods Pro or Google Pixel Buds (your choice), so you can connect to your next meeting sounding great.
  • 100+ referrals: Lunch for you and your team on us! Meet one of our founding team over lunch, and learn the secrets to better meetings.

If you have any questions about the program - please get in touch!

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