Feb 7, 2019

How to Learn More About the Future of Women in Tech

Hugo and AWIP are collaborating to conduct a survey to learn more about the future of women in tech!

Darren Chait
Darren Chait
Co-founder & COO at Hugo
How to Learn More About the Future of Women in Tech

Over the past few years, gender equality in the tech industry has become more of a priority for leadership and diversity advocates alike. While this has become a priority for tech companies around the country, it is important to consider which efforts have been implemented and how successful they have been. Understanding the state of women in tech today helps us formulate the best way to effect change for tomorrow, which is why Hugo and Advancing Women in Product (AWIP) are collaborating to conduct a survey to learn more about the future of women in tech.

McKinsey & Company conducts an annual study called Women in the Workplace in partnership with LeanIn.org. A major takeaway from 2018’s report was that while women have been doing their part, companies need to step up and do more for female employees to make the necessary progress. The tech industry, specifically, has traditionally been dominated by men in the vast majority. We have concluded that actions that effect true change within technology sectors would therefore be highly applicable in the rest of the workforce.

With this survey, we are hoping to learn more about how men and women alike feel about the implementation of diversity efforts in their companies (and whether they feel that they need them at all). Arguably as importantly, we hope to learn how much confidence they have that future endeavors toward this goal will be successful. Confidence in these efforts is essential for a plan to effect change in a group of people, as it would require them to deviate from the status quo.

We hope to collate the thoughts of women in tech on the state of women in tech, men on their perception of the need and implementation of gender diversity, and everyone on their opinions concerning effective solutions. The ideal would be to come away with a set of recommendations on what companies in the tech industry can do to support women in tech, both in the short term on a day-to-day basis, and in the long term to result in lasting change. We are excited to take these results to the top leaders in tech to drive not only awareness, but actionable next steps.

To achieve these goals, however, the first step is to gather the information through this survey. Each participant will have the opportunity to contribute honest opinions to the resulting content, and each opinion is highly valuable. Thank you for your contribution!

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