Content Check-In

User or Usability Testing


Prototype Link: 

User Name: 

User Background: 


What is being tested?

What is being measured/evaluated?


Running the test


  • Give your users context (e.g. image you’re using this app in a real-world situation
  • Recordings are confidential and for internal purposes only
  • You’re not being tested. It’s the design.
  • Thank your users and remind them you’re asking for feedback because you’re eager to improve your user experience

Example questions to ask

  • I noticed a bit of hesitation there, what stopped you?
  • What do you think this button is going to do?
  • What’s most appealing about this product?
  • What’s the hardest part about using this product?
  • Was there anything surprising or unexpected about this product?
  • What could be done to improve this product?
  • What may be missing? What else would you like to see?
  • What do you like/dislike about the way it works?
  • How do you think this product is going to help you?
  • Would you use this product today?
  • Why do you think someone would use this product?


Positive Highlights

Negative Feedback / Concerns

Other Feedback

Key Insights

Notes / Quotes for Marketing

Use this template
Executive weekly team meeting

User Research


What is the main focus of this session (e.g., general performance, feature requests, product bugs)?

User Background

Relevant user information and demographics to understand the persona of the interviewee.

Response to Scripted Questions

List all planned questions for this particular user research study. Record the interviewee's response to each question.

Positive Highlights

Did the user mention any specific positive aspects in relation to the topic of this session?

Negative Feedback / Concerns

Did the user mention any specific negative aspects in relation to the topic of this session? How could we improve them?

Other Feedback

Did the user provide notable feedback outside the scope of this session that could help other business objectives?

Key Insights

Summarize the key insights that you learned from this user research session. If any are actionable, you can assign them to your team members right from here.

Notes / Quotes for Marketing

Were there any notes, quotes, or anecdotes that may assist marketing in their messaging to other users?

Use this template
18-min Meeting

VC Pitch Meeting


  • Founding story and insights
  • Overview of key team members

Business Overview

  • Market size and dynamics
  • Product overview: why is it 10x better?  
  • Where does it go from here?
  • Go-to-market: what is the distribution and customer acquisition model?
  • Why will you succeed?


  • Market size and dynamics
  • Key growth or financial metrics, KPIs
  • Customers  
  • Cash burn, runway

Competitive landscape

  • Competitor #1
  • Competitor #2
  • How is the company differentiated, why will it win, or what makes it 10x better?

Funding history

  • Capital raised to date, main investors, date of last financing
  • Fundraising plans

Next steps

  • Follow up plan
Use this template
Ad Campaign Ideas Brainstorm

Weekly Manager Meeting

Hi All!

How is everyone doing this week? What is everyone's headspace?

  • Manager #1
  • Manager #2
  • Manager #3

Last week's highs

Share some highlights from last week that lifted your spirits:

  • Manager #1
  • Manager #2
  • Manager #3

Last week's lows

Share some moments from last week that were tough:

  • Manager #1
  • Manager #2
  • Manager #3

General update

Report on any general updates within your teams. 

Last week’s goals

How did you perform against last week’s goals?

This week’s goals

Set some goals for this upcoming week.

Last week’s tasks

How did you and your team progress on outstanding tasks and projects?

This weeks’ tasks

What’s on your list this week?

Anything else to note or share?

Include any other items to discuss here.


Include reminders to come back to in future meetings.

Use this template
All Activities Retro

Weekly Marketing Meeting

Celebrate wins

  • What are victories we can celebrate, big and small?

Goals & metrics to review

  • Put all relevant metrics in the agenda here, or add links to reports/dashboards

Roundtable - Recap last week

  • Each person briefly runs through bullet points of what happened

Priorities for next week

  • Discuss and agree on priorities for next week
  • All priorities should have a DRI (directly responsible individual)
  • Note any decisions that need to be made
  • Are there any opportunities to test our marketing hypotheses or optimize our digital experiences?

Where are we stuck/blocked?

  • How can the team help unblock each other so we can sustain a high velocity?
  • Are any priorities blocked or dependent on other work being completed?

Action Items

  • @name Task by DUE-DATE
Use this template
All-Hands Meeting

Weekly Meeting

Team Review

Share updates on overall progress, key metrics, and anecdotes to give your team an up-to-date understanding of current initiatives.

Individual Updates

Allow each team member to briefly share what they've been working on. This includes progress, obstacles, achievements, and any other information that would be valuable for the team.

Positive Highlights

Acknowledge big wins and milestones accomplished since the last weekly meeting. What valuable lessons were learned?

Roadblocks & Concerns

Have any issues or challenges come up since the last weekly meeting? Are there any particular problems a team member is stuck on? How can we help solve them?

New Information

Are there any new metrics, trends, customer feedback, or market influences we should be aware of? What about company announcements or industry news? Share any resources that would help the team understand these concepts better.

Other Important Notes

Summarize any other valuable information that was shared. It does not have to be directly related to the weekly meeting agenda.

Upcoming Priorities

What are the main priorities we should focus on for next week? How are we planning to approach these? What does success look like?

Main Takeaways

What were the main insights from this weekly meeting? Include key decisions made, progress reports, and any opportunities, issues, or concerns that should be shared with colleagues.


List all key stakeholders not present and other departments that this information should be shared with.

Take Action

Clarify next steps for the entire team as well as each individual. Note who's completing them, and when they should be done by. You can assign these tasks from this template.

Use this template
HR Exit Interview

Weekly Sprint Meeting

Last sprint

Celebrate what you achieved and discuss what wasn't completed.


The list of things we want to accomplish in this sprint.

Sprint goal for the week

Why are we implementing these backlog items?

Assign backlog items

What items/tickets is each person focusing on during this sprint?


Anything else to write down?

Links and Attachments

Documents and such that are referenced on the call.

Use this template
Basic Meeting Minutes

Weekly Team Meeting

Say Hi

Make sure everyone's here and ask for a volunteer scribe.

Kickoff each meeting with a quick update from each team

If anyone else has any questions about something relating to one of the other teams, now is your chance to ask. (2 min per update)

  • Marketing
  • Design
  • Data & Analytics
  • Product Managers
  • Community
  • International

Go through the items that people added to the agenda

Ask whoever added the item to introduce it and lead that part of the conversation. 

Sum up next steps/actions

  • Clarify what actions need to be taken and assign a responsible person for each task
  • Choose someone else on the team to be meeting lead next time and add it to next week's agenda
Use this template
Board Meeting

Working Group Meeting


A working group is a defined set of people, usually coming from multiple teams or disciplines to fix a common business challenge.

Define the problem

Review the goal at the beginning of every meeting to remind group members of what they’re trying to achieve. Since the problems you’re tackling can be broad and fuzzy, having an explicit goal can also help you decide what is and isn’t the responsibility of the group.

Review past decisions

  • Have you fixed the problem you set out to solve?
  • Has the problem been solved another way?
  • Has the company changed? Have its needs changed?
  • Is the group still the most effective way to solve this problem?

Here are some questions to fill in to see how your solutions fit into your wider goal (check out how Etsy used this method to define "design excellence" for their team) 

  • What motivates this work?
  • What are the goals of this solution?
  • What characteristics should the solution exhibit?
  • Who should benefit from this solution?
  • What informs this solution?
  • When and where should this solution be used?

Set milestones

“In order to be effective, the group has to ship; in order to ship, milestones should be established from the beginning.” Without delivery dates in place, it is impossible to create an action plan that accurately reflects the speed in which you must be working to achieve your goals. 

Use this template