Board Meeting

Sales Stand-Up

Team, Product, and/or Company Updates

Create urgency; remind team of upcoming due dates and sales deadlines. 

Announce product changes. Welcome new team members. Provide other updates relevant to the day-to-day (i.e. company holidays, policy changes, staff vacations, etc.)


Review one to two potential sales, system or process improvements (i.e. maximizing sales tools, writing great emails, etc.)

Celebrate Small Wins

Provide an update on who has been hitting their numbers. Recognize top performers.


Share thought-provoking insights, quotes, or other motivational content. Get the team thinking high-level.


What will you take away from this meeting into your day? Open the floor for reps to share their takeaways for the day’s stand up. 


Action items:


Use this template
Brainstorming Session

Sales/Customer Success Hand-off

Customer Account Information: 

Company Name: 


Company Size:

Contract Sign Date:

Contract Length:

Customer Team Information:

First touch: 

Most engaged user:

Buying Decision Maker:

Team who will be using the product the most:

Internal Team Information:

Customer Success Manager:

Sales Team Member:

Other Key Stakeholders & Their Roles:

Customer High Level Goals

What is the main business objective of the customer? How do they generate revenue?

Why Our Solution?

What challenges or pain points does our product solve for the customer? What benefits or features are they most interested in?

Is the customer migrating from a competitor? Why?

Defining Success (Customer)

How will the customer determine if our product is helping them meet their business goals? 

Defining Success (Internally)

What key metrics will we use to make sure the customer is healthy and we are successful? 

Some suggestions (find this information in Vitally):

NPS Score

Health Score

Average MRR/ARR

Number of Users

Product Usage

Product Setup

Work & Communication Style

What is the customer's ideal working relationship? What is the best way to contact them?

Growth Opportunities

How can we tailor the product or experience to better suit the customer? What features do we want to encourage the customer to use based on their business goals?

Red Flags & Risks

Were there any hesitations or hiccups encountered during the sales process? How can we ensure these don’t happen during and after the customer handoff?

Next Steps for Team

What do we need to do next to keep the customer healthy? List all actionable steps and the team member responsible for each one.

Next Steps for Customer

What are the next steps for the customer? Is any training required? More feature implementation?

Other Important Notes

Is there any other information worth sharing?

Note Actions

Add Vitally for the suggested metrics

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Business Operations Planning

Senior Leadership Team Meeting

Engine Dashboard Overview

Have each functional team (sales, marketing, product, etc.) prepare and give an overview of how they're running.


  • Goal’s and how they're tracking
  • Update on sub-processes
  • Key wins, losses, opportunities, concerns
  • What we're focused on

Observations and Learnings

  • Customer anecdotes 
  • Feedback
  • Other

CTAs / Asks

  • What does each functional team need from the rest of the leadership team
  • Follow-ups and actions (all actions need a directly responsible team member and a due date)
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Catch-Up Meeting

Simple Meeting Minutes

Meeting type

Check all that apply.

  • Update
  • Discussion
  • Decision


‍Write the meeting goal here. (E.g. Discuss agency performance and decide whether to renew for another year.)


  • Item one
  • Item two
  • Item three

Next Steps

  • @name task by Due-Date

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Clearbit's One-On-One

Sprint Planning

Sprint Goal

What is the main purpose of this sprint? Define key objectives below.

Sprint Backlog

What user stories match the sprint goal? Share this with your team prior to the meeting so they can contribute. Break each user story down into individual tasks. Make sure each task has as much information as possible. Include important metrics.

Epics to be Delivered

List out the epics that we're planning to start or deliver during this sprint.

Scope of Work Clarification

Revisit your definition of "done." Decide on the acceptance criteria that will be used to determine when each individual task is complete. Make sure all of this realistically aligns with your team's capacity.

Key Risks & Concerns

What potential issues could come up based on the goal and sprint backlog? How can we solve them? Does the scope of work allot enough time for unexpected issues

Notes and Takeaways

What were the main insights and discussion points from this sprint planning session?

Take Action

Get verbal confirmation from your team about the next steps to be taken. Clarify who's completing them and when they should be done by. Note this information here to share and assign.


How will we keep in touch and stay up-to-date about progress? Should we schedule a follow-up meeting?

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Clearbit's One-On-One

Start-up Board Meeting

Big Picture

  • CEO Update
  • Highlights
  • High-level Challenges
  • Company Needs


Tell the story of the company using the fewest number of metrics/charts to properly frame the current status.

Financial metrics

Financial performance & forecast (quarterly)

  • Quarterly P&L
  • Monthly waterfalls (revenue, burn, cash balance, headcount)
  • Performance vs. Plan

Funnel metrics

  • Website Visits
  • Leads
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate

Product engagement metrics

  • Signups
  • Downloads
  • Activations
  • Engagement
  • Retention
  • NPS

Company Building & Updates

Org Chart 

  • Forward-looking - show current team and positions to be filled w/in 6 mo.


  • Product Roadmap
  • ---Major launches & achievements since last meeting
  • ---Roadmap next 6 mo. (where is company heading)
  • Major Challenges (where is help needed?)


  • Performance against KPIs
  • Positioning
  • Brand
  • Messaging
  • PR


  • Performance against KPIs
  • Sales pipeline & forecast
  • Major challenges (where is help needed?)

Operations (if appropriate)

  • Performance against KPIs
  • Major challenges (where is help needed?)

Working Sessions

Session One

  • Deep dive into a functional area, partnership opportunity or business challenge
Session Two
  • Deep dive into quarterly goals or product challenges

Closed Session

  • Feedback to founders
  • Formalities
  • Stock option grants
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Clearbit's One-On-One

Team Meeting


Celebrate wins

Data to review

Updates Roundtable

  1. Name
  2. Name
  3. Name

Discussion Topics


Action Items


Use this template
Client Check-In

Team Post-Mortem


Capture learnings from [initiative] and identify what went wrong so we can get better

The Situation

Put all the details of what happened here. Only the facts. Make sure you answer who what where when why. Customer feedback is good to include if we have it. Include any and all mistakes and what went well. Break up into sections, like “research” “engineering” “customer feedback” “the feature” “marketing efforts” etc.

The results

What happened as a result of the situation? This could include how an initiative performed, what happened as a result of a bug, how a feature fared, etc. Support this section with data

What went wrong

All the details of what went wrong. Opinions are welcome here. Be fair to other people who were involved and let them add to the postmortem or give you context as needed. In the case of bugs, what we could have done better to prevent a problem can be included here as well.

What we can do better next time

Whatever we learned that will affect how we do things next go around, it goes here. This is the synthesis of everything we’ve figured out from doing the postmortem.

Action items

Any action items we have, and who owns each of them, plus dates if possible

Use this template